Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Golden Retrievers are God's Special Gift

Today is going to be a good day! Why? Because Jake comes back home today!!!!!
I'm pretty excited.
It has been hard without him here. Everything that has gone wrong went wrong:

  • car died...twice
  • internet shut off
  • plumb line broke in half
  • Motorcycle Retailer was still withdrawing payments from us. Motorcycle was paid off in July.
  • Christmas dates have been changed...we already bought tickets
  • Ant infestation
I had a break down last night. I was supposed to start my book club last night but I had to call and tell them I couldn't because of the car. Someone offered to come pick me up but I told them I was basically an emotional basket-case and just wanted to stay home. She then precedes to tell me it will be good for me because I haven't been to church in 2 weeks. I know she didn't know the circumstances. I went to church with a friend of mine last Sunday and this past Sunday I didn't feel safe driving our car that far away. It dies every so often and Jake isn't here to rescue me if I get stuck on the side of the road. I know she didn't know any of this but it still really hurt my feelings. At least she noticed I wasn't there, right?
I'm not the type of person who wants to be around people when bad things happen. I am the type of person who takes a nice bath, gets into pajamas, wraps up in a quilt, and watch British shows while I pout and mope around. This makes me feel better...honestly. Being clean and comfortable, and a little PeptoBismol always does the trick for me. 

Anywase, I want everyone to know that I am REALLY wanting to buy one of these puppies:

Yes, they are beautiful but they come with an UGLY price tag! $1550 dollars for one of them. UGHHH. The cheaper ones on the NorthShore are only $1200. But I did find some in Kailua for $800!! He also said he would offer us a military discount.
Basically the only thing wrong with buying a Golden Retriever puppy is transportation. Only thing. We have tile floors here and parks everywhere. I am here all day by myself and would love to have some company. Dog training here (well the one I looked into) cost $2500 for a 2 week course. NOT even exaggerating. They have training out at PetCo so I might look into that.
Golden Retrievers are basically one of the most beautiful creatures God ever created. You can't honestly look at one and try to argue against that.

I got another box sent to me! After my mom read one of this Products I love post, she sent me 3 whole cans of Aveeno Shaving cream! Also, my Aunt Stephanie bought me the CUTEST jar decorations when she and Uncle Rex went to Branson. I can't wait to make a trip to Walmart and get some Mason Jars and work on them. I would show a picture but I havne't been able to find my camera for the past couple of days....ooops. I have such a wonderful and special family!

Hopefully, my next blog post will contain a new little Gordon...a little Patrick puppy :)

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