Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love...

I love watching movies. More so, I love watching movies under a quilt, beside my husband, and with a warm bowl of soup.
I love only specific types of movies. We do not allow ourselves to watch R rated movies. We always read the parental guide before every movie. You might be ok with watching trash beside your husband but I am not. You might say, "Emily, your both 22, come on!?" It is NEVER ok to sit and watch filth and let it sit in your minds. Yes, I watch Family Guy. I do. I felt like I needed to say that.
After that rant,
I have my favorite movies. Movies that I would watch over and over and over again. When I was little I would have night terrors. My mom told me that if I would watch a good movie right before bed or drink hot milk/tea I would not have them. It was all a psychological ordeal but it worked. Momma knows best. So I just became accustomed to watching movies before bed when I was afraid I would have a nightmare or when I was having a bad day I would put a movie in.
Movies that are a for sure bet to keep you from having nightmares include the following:

Father of the Bride both 1 and 2

As Time Goes By television series

Grumpy Old Men both 1 and 2
We all have our favorites like Hatari, Robin Hood, How to Train Your Dragon, McClintock, Lord of the Rings; you know really good movies. But don't certain movies make everything seem just a little better in life? The answer is yes. Yes they do. You may seem utterly astonished that I didn't add Harry Potter in this list. Harry Potter in film quality can not even begin to compare to Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter movie quality can't even match up with John Wayne, Doris Day, or Tony Randall. The books=pure awesomeness, however.
You may be asking yourself, "What is the point of this post, Emily?"
There isn't one.
I'm bored.
Jakes playing his video game.
I want to watch a good movie.

The End.

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