Thursday, June 30, 2011

Special Seasonings

Today has been a completely unproductive and boring day. I took jake out to play fetch for awhile this afternoon while watering the yard and then went walking later around the neighborhood because I was tired of just sitting on the couch. While sitting here I did decide I would do something productive and created my weekly menu for next week and made a grocery list. I am pretty excited about all the new recipes I have found on two extremely good sites! One you have already read about from my earlier blog posts which is I love her weight watcher recipes and never feel 'guilty' after eating her meals. I LOVE crockpot dinners and although I love her site, she really doesn't have any 'unique' crock-pot meals other than pork and chili. So I did some research online and found This website has hundreds of healthy recipes as well as 41 different crockpot meals. Seeing as I had SO MUCH time on my hands today, I made a page of recipes that looked great to me and am looking forward to trying a couple next week.
However, I am QUICKLY realizing eating healthy this year has cost way too much money. I was raised where there was meat at every meal. Even lunch. My dad is a butcher and he feels like it really isn't a meal without meat. Beef here is too expensive and it really seems like a treat when we do buy a roast or steak meat of some kind and; in conclusion, we eat LOTS of chicken, ground chicken, or packaged chicken. Hopefully, I can prepare more meals with staples such as beans, rice, and wheat pastas. Which by the way, the owners of jake gave us a 2.5lb pork tenderloin roast from their freezer which I am cooking for Sunday!!!
 In addition to the costs of meat, dairy, bread, and fresh produce here is kicking out butts. Using our Dave Ramsey budget form, I have decided to increase our percent of take home pay in this category and decrease our eating out money. When hearing others getting to eat out 4 times a week or MORE I get a little envious. How nice would it be to go eat out that much and NOT spend a fortune? A fortune meaning $25-$40 a meal. So I suppose it really is much cheaper eating healthier at home. It is not practical and a good use of money to eat out every day when you could prepare and pack your lunches at home the night or weekend before. Stepping off my soap box, my goal each week is to spend under $100. After looking at the e-mealz on Dave Ramsey I was seriously considering subscribing to his meal plan; however, the plan does not include other foods which are considered staples and it does not include bathroom, cleaning, or household items in that plan so I decided not to do it. Spending $35 dollars a week on groceries seems amazing, but really nonexistent for a weight watchers diet and Hawaiin cost of living.

On another note, I recieved another care package today from my momma! I was really looking forward to this package because she picked up my new set of contacts. For the past 2 weeks I have had some sort of eye infection due to my contacts and have had to wear my glasses which really get in the way. When I opened my box I saw all of this:

I am so excited about all of these seasonings! I never realized how much recipes call for different types of seasonings and then you go out and buy the little jar and use it only a few times. So I kinda leave out many seasonings recipes call for because I refuse to buy such a little jar for one recipe that may call for it. I also received some cut coupons Aubree clipped for me! Oh, and some more pinto beans! My second attempt in making pinto beans went so well this week I can't wait for another big pan of them!

I am now sitting here watching the 7th Harry Potter movie and deciding on what 'needs' to be done. I am excited about making some cuban rice tonight and am really looking forward to seeing Jake in the morning!

The Baseball Fields

Because everything around here is WAY TOO expensive, Jake and I like to walk down to the baseball/softball fields down the street and watch the games sometimes. Sometimes we just have to prepare ourselves for the atmosphere which includes smoking, drinking, and swearing BUT we do live on a military base...anywase, we fed jake his dinner, grabbed a beach towl, and headed down to the park. After we were situated in our little area, all these kids wanted to come 'pet' jake. This made me a little nervous because I don't know what type of dog he is with little kids and babies (seriously a 14 something month old 'walked' up to him and was enamored by his teeth). Jake held on tightly to his leash and a sat back and watched. We gave him the command to just sit or lay and he DID, he didn't bark once the entire time and let the kids pet him and hug him. The only time he got aggravated was when a little punk kid had a baseball bat hitting ice towards Jake. I would not have blamed him if he wanted to bite the boy, where was this kids mother!
Anywase, we only stayed for 1 game because Jake is a little allergic to 'jake' and grass and everything besides cows...seriously.

So perfect

Jake was ready to leave at this point I believe
 It's been a little depressing around the Gordon household this past week. Jake has had 3 duties in one week. Being on Duty means you have to stand post somewhere around the barracks for 12 or 24 hour shifts with hardly any breaks in a really uncomfortable uniform. After Jake comes home from duty, he usually wants to catch up on his sleep and then has to head back to work so its kinda just been me with jake for the time being.

Taking a nap after duty
  I 'm so glad this weekend Jake has a 4 day leave so we can finally spend some quality time with each other. Saying all of this, I don't really have anything interesting to blog about other than this dog so I am sorry if you all are getting tired of hearing about him. I have been trying some new recipes this week such as my mom's pinto beans, baked crab cakes, and tonight I am making some cuban rice. The crab cakes were ok but NOTHING like Landry's in Branson. It probley had something to do with the fact that they were baked and made with fat free ingredients :(
I have been learning about King Saul, the Prophet Samuel, and Jonathon and David's relationship. It has really opened my eyes how each life is intertwined and how God did use Saul in the beginning of his reign and what was accomplished during those first few years. I have had a little bitterness towards David and his later years as king because of all the wives he kept taking and passiveness towards the later wars but reading about his youth, songs, and faithfullness towards God's anointed, Saul, I am seeing him in a clearer light.

Well since I am back here in my Hawaiin home, I wanted to start again with my recipes and posting things around the house that I enjoy having. I have found yet another couple of items that I think have made life around here a tad bit easier:

I love my spoon rest. This way whenever I am cooking, I can just lay my dirty utensils on this rest and not have to worry about cleaning the counter or whatever else I would have decided to lay my things on. I also really like having a oil jar handy right on the stove. It makes me use olive oil more often in my cooking instead of butter....and it looks pretty also.
Hope everyone has a great day! Remember to spend some time with our Abba today :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Seeing as how this blogger DELETED all of my recipes, I have decided to post them as a 'post' instead of as a page. Maybe I will go back to seperating them but not in my near future.
Sunday after church, Jake randomly asked if I could make him some muffins this week for breakfast. Jake NEVER requests anything because he happily eats anything I cook and NEVER questions or complains. So I went online and found a great recipe for low fat spiced pumpkin muffins! It was so simple. Only 1 box of Spice cake mix, 1 can of pumpkin, and warm water. So I went to the commissary to pick up the ingredients and was equally excited to see the spiced cake mix was on sale for $1.18 cheaper than normal and looked EVERYWHERE for the canned pumpkin. Finally I asked a salesperson (who by the way looked like she would rather murder someone than help me) where the canned pumpkin was. Turns out that it is only around during Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure it's in Arkansas all the time. Thumbs-down for Hawaii. So I went to return my great deal of spice cake mix and found some fresh blueberries instead. I had recently seen a recipe for whole wheat blueberry muffins on and thought I would give it whirl. Sorry for the round-about story :)


1 C of Unsweetened Apple Sauce
1 C Whole Wheat Flour
1 C Regular Flour
1  Large Egg - Beaten
6.5 oz Blueberries
1/2 C Sugar
1/2 t Salt
1 t Baking Soda
1 t Vanilla
2 T Melted Butter

Sift your flour's into a large bowl
Preheat oven to 325 degrees

Add your dry ingredients and mix well

In a medium bowl, add your wet ingredients and mix

Pour your wet ingredients into the dry mixture and gentle combine. Be careful  not to 'over' mix.
Pour in those blueberries

Gently fold the blueberries into the mixture

Lightly spray the muffin pan or you can use those little paper cups.
Bake for 25 minutes
While you wait, you can hug and play with one of these :)

Let sit for at least 10 minutes to set and cool and ENJOY! The blueberries just melt in your mouth. If your on
Weight Watcher, these are 3 points each!  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jake Beauregard

Mr. Jake Beauregard
Good Morning!
I wanted everyone to see what a beautiful and perfect dog Mr. Jake is today. You see, this dog OBEYS! Yesterday morning I went to go drop Jake off at work and we told jake to stay. When I came home he was in the exact spot where we left him and then moved when I said so. When riding in the car, he comes in when we say Load and when wanting to go outside he won't run through the door but wait for our command. He is PERFECT. I love walking with him throughout the day because it gives me something to do and gives me some company. I love looking over and seeing this beautiful creature right next to me. This morning jake came up to Jake and I and just wanted to snuggle. This dog can actually give you hugs back! I know I am probley being way too excited over this dog but really he is truly wonderful. He absolutley loves being with Jake and when Jake does come home, he just wants to be anywhere Jake is.
Yesterday we went and played fetch with him in this park that apparently you can get imprisoned for if someone catches you with a dog. We apparently didn't read all the fine print on this sign and some lady decided to take it upon herself to inform us. What kind of park doesn't let you play fetch with your dog! It might have had something to do with the fact that is was part of Kailua's Yaht Club...

Jake has a four day weekend ahead for us due to the 4th of July! I think we are going to take this beautiful creature out to the beach on Saturday. He sure does love the car rides. We did have to take out the backseats in the Exterra so that dog hair doesn't get everywhere.
My mom bought me a beautiful pyrex dish the other day to go with my collection! I have 3 different sets as of right now and the one she got me I had not seen anywhere before. It will go great with the set my grandmother gave me for my wedding gift!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodmorning America How Are You...

Well I am back home! It only took about 16+ hours to get here but I am back. The hardest leg of the trip was the 5 hour plane ride where I ended up sitting by a couple who had 5 beers, smelled like smoke and perfume, kept putting her blanketed arm INSIDE MY $900 pathetic seat and kept opening MY window each time I almost fell asleep. But besides that, it went by in a rush.
This will be my 14th Hawaii trip and you would think I would be a pro at the HNL airport by now. Well, after I 'de-boarded' the plane, I headed to my gate which the flight attendant said was 16 and that would lead me to my baggage claim. SO, I headed for gate 24 because that is where she said to turn toward and then make a left down the long corrider to the escalators that would take me down to baggage claims E D and F. I made the left to the gates and ended up at baggage claim H. I should have known better than to trust that woman. If you have ever been to HNL airport, you will know that baggage claim H is on the complete opposite side of the airport from baggage claim D where I had to be. My husband texted me to tell me he was still on the H3 and not even there yet so I pretty much just had myself a good cry and started the trek to D. I then looked everywhere for Jake OUTSIDE where I thought he would be and stood there preparing a good "why weren't you here on time" spat when I see this amazingly goodlooking man walk up beside me. It happened to be my "on-time" husband and in front of everyone (which included two man/woman security guards) kissed me for what seemed like a good 3 minutes :) I was so happy to be home again.
Of course the Marine Corps schedualed Jake for a duty the day I get back so I was to wait one more day till I got to spend time with him. But you know, I was ok with that because I woke up at 3:30 and went to bed at 7.

Yesterday, I had planned to go do my major grocery shopping and was just cringing with the fact of how much money it was going to cost and how upset Dave Ramsey would be when Jake tells me he had already done the major shopping! So I then decide that I should do some cleaning; however, I then see that my husband had already cleaned EVERYTHING! I am so blessed America! So I go into town to do a little grocery shopping and then run over to the base greenhouse for some flowers. My flowers decided to die and turn into what Jake called "Texas Tumbleweeds" while we were away and it was pretty depressing. However, the greenhouse was having a 15% sale on their outdoor/indoor plants so I was pretty content with that purchase. I spent the afternoon weeding and planting and cleaning the yard.

I have been learning about Moses, Aaron, and Caleb while reading the books of Numbers and Joshua and LOVE what I am learning. First off, I did NOT know Miriam was Moses' sister. I love the fact that God is so forgiving to the Israelites. Tens of thousands of Hebrews from the 12 tribes of Jacob all saw the miraculous signs of God. They were guided by Him in a Pillar of Fire at night and during the day He comforted His chosen nation by a cloud so that they would not have to endure the sun's heat. He gave them water from a rock, quail, manna from Heaven, parted the RED SEA, destroyed Egypt with plagues, and SPOKE to them when the Shofar Blew. However, these people were so easily distracted by the Midianites idols, fears, worries, and doubt AFTER the fact that they witnessed God's miracles. God even gave them a stick with a snakes head on it so that if any of them were bitten all they had to do was look upon the stick and they would live! Moses cried out for his people, Aaron was forgiven from constructing the golden calf, and Miriam was healed of leprosy but the 12 tribes of Jacob kept doubting God. It just blows my mind how merciful God is. He is the same God today as He was then but the veil was torn and now we have Jesus, the most perfect lamb. We no longer need high priests like Aaron or Eleazor to go to and make sacrifices. We simply ask for forgiveness and we are cleansed. I wish I had the strength of Caleb or the courage of Miriam in today's society but I keep to myself way too often. I am uncompassionate to people that have heard the good news yet still want to 'wait'. The Amorites in the bible were told yet their hearts were hardened, they knew of the miracles God did in Egypt and they still wanted to worship their handmade tent gods. So God led Joshua and the Hebrews into war and killed them. Why do people not realize what has been given to them! How can they see the sun rise and not know of our Creator!! The people of Jericho were obliterated because of their hardened hearts toward God, and the Anak tribe who were considered giants were slaughtered because of their unfaithfullness. God is so merciful to us today!!!! People to need to wake up and be ready.

God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping :)

This past Tuesday Sarah, Aubree, momma, and I went wedding dress shopping for Sarah and made a day out of it! We went to Red Lobster because of there new promotions but none of us ended up getting the $15 dollar meal! haha

Afterwards we headed over to Always and Forever and began the search for Sarah's perfect dress!! We all looked through the multitude of dresses and picked out the ones we all liked. Aubree's and my favorite 'picked' one looked almost exactly like our own which is kinda funny. But we all have our own tastes and Sarah definetly has hers!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL! So unfair that she looked amazing in EVERY dress!
 So after the first dress, which we loved, she went in to try the second one. We were devoting the entire day for her to find the "perfect one" because we are all in and wanted to be apart of her special day. So here she comes out of that dressing room and is just glowing! The dress she had on had to have been designed for her. It was the right size and design that she was just talking about earlier that morning! We ooed and awed over it but I couldn't believe she could have found 'the one' after just two tries. So after taking a multitude of pictures she went back in and tried on some more. They of course all looked spectacular on her but we knew the one was already picked! So after she tried on the second dress again she just went ahead and picked out her veil and shoes; as well as, all her bridesmaids dresses! We were on a role!
Because we had only been in the shop for 1 hour we decided to go antiqueing :)
Aubree found a beautiful vanity and bargained a great price for it. She is re-doing her room now and is making it a guest room.
So we decided we would have a slumber party with all four of us in the new room! It kinda felt like we were back in a hotel and just enjoying ourselves....but with four dogs.

Watching Auntie Maime..I fell asleep after the first 5 minutes, woke up at 12:30 and it was STILL ON

All 8 of us!
This of course is that night of that terrible wind storm. No one got any sleep..except for the dogs

This is happening 24/7

Bear Bear

What a great finish to a great day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mrs. Christina Ledbetter!!!

I am so happy I was able to attend Jacob and Christina's wedding last Saturday! I was able to hang out with my friends Friday and Saturday. It felt so refreshing to spend time with them. I have known most of them since the 7th grade. We have grown up making movies together, projects for school, laughing at whatever (such as a little pig running down the street with us on a four wheeler), and have made such amazing memories. I have been across the nation with some of them on mission trips and have been to other countries with them for vacations. I have witnessed them grow stronger in their relationships with Christ over the years, watched them fall in love, marry, and even expect children! I am so fortunate to have the memories and past that I have with them. We didn't party or fall into the world and had a great time being 'who we are'.
Watching Christina stand up there with Jacob brought so many memories to my mind and I seriously just cried like a baby!! I loved sitting downstairs at Jessica's house and listen to everyone's thoughts and dreams. Leslie has just moved back from Chicago and Jessica is soon moving to Alabama while Rachel just got a job in Conway. We have been very blessed to be able to see one another the amount we have considering the fact we live in so many places and do so many things. Next time I hope to see them will be for meeting little Brooks :)

Jessica Caster, Rachel Griffith, Sarah, Leslie "Ware" Wolfe

Love this one of Rachel...

My friends are beautiful!
 I also wanted to share the fact that Jessica has caught Leslie's, Christina's, AND my bouquet! WOW

Omaha Nebraska

So I know its about a week late...but I have been so buys I am just now getting a chance to update the blog.
Last week we went on a road trip to go pick up Aubree in Omaha. Aubree was driving down from Minot and we didn't want her to have to drive the entire way by herself. The way there was so tiring as you can tell in this picture. I thought it would a snap of the fingers but it seemed just as long as a trip to Oahu!

When we finally got there we were blessed because we were expecting to have to pay for a cab to take us to our hotel; however, Hilton had a shuttle that came by the airport every 30 minutes for FREE to pick up their guests. Also, they would take you anywhere within 3 miles from the hotel for free. Aubree finally arrived and we just hanged around the room and watched some American Pickers and Ice Road Wars.
The next morning we left bright and early. I drove for the first 2 hours until we found this AMAZING antique store called St. Josephines.

The outside store was amazing! However, we were about 7 hours away from home and with a dog cage in the back of Aubree's car. It was pretty depressing. BUT, if we are ever in north Nebraska we are going back!

This is Linus sleeping on my back while I was trying to rest

Traveling with Linus was fun... he was always in everyones business!

All in all, it was a fun trip. Nobody got carsick or anything! Aubree got us lost somewhere in Kansas City but we found our way out :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Children are a Blessing...

This morning I was able to babysit two of the most beautiful kids in the entire world! I have fallen in love over the year-s- and while in Hawaii have missed them both so much! Last summer I purchased their little Hawaiin outfits for their birthdays. The store did not have any newborn outfits for little boys so I bought Brock a 12 month one figuring it would look just as cute next year. Now he can finally wear it! Addi wore hers last year and it still looks so precious on her!

Sarah thought it would be fun to add Brock onto the 'horse ride' Don't think he enjoyed it as much

Brock and Bear. I LOVE this picture

Most precious little boy in the entire world

She's a litte stinker sometimes but she sure is cute

So I'm pretty sure she knows how to use my phone better than me...and she's 3

Don't you just love that little outfit?!

They are precious

Tomorrow I leave to go to Omaha to pick up my sister Aubree. We are meeting her there via air travel and then will proceed to drive the many miles from Nebraska back to Greenwood. I have made this trip...hmmm...about 300 times with mission trips and this drive is so BORING! I am glad that I will see Aubree. I guess I will need to pull a Polyanna and make sure I play the "Glad Game" throughout this two day road trip. We will get back in time for Christina's wedding rehearsal and 'shower/party' I am so excited to finally be with all of my friends again all at the same time! I can't remember when we were all together in the same place? But I miss them and can't wait to see Christina get married!

I'm working on a project right now that I am pretty excited about. I can't post pictures just yet because I am wanting to give it as a gift but hopefully it will turn out great.
Has any one read the Sons of Encouragment by Francine Rivers? I am reading the Priest about Aaron, Moses, and the Hebrews and it is such an eye opener. I haven't really ever studied that particular book in the bible because growing up I would always hear about Moses and the Isrealites; however, I love how Francine brings her books to life and am encouraged so much by what a merciful and soverign God I serve. I can't ever believe that He is a different God that he was then and never should take my sins lightly. I may not bow down to a golden calf but I do bow down to idols of emotions and materialistic items. Miriam in the book is so intrigueing. Her guiding her baby brother throught the Nile, dancing and singing with her tamberine after crossing the Red Sea and sin experience with leprosy and healing after sinning against God and hurting Moses. I love this woman because she is strong and zealous. Her sin made her unclean in the eyes of man and God; however, she was still used as a vessel. What an encouragment!

So maybe i'll take some pictures of the corn fields....or maybe not!
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too Shy for the Pew

Today I was able to play the guitar again for FBC Greenwood. I was reminded how important it is to serve within your church family. I have been struggling so much with not having any personal friends at Kaneohe and spending each day alone. It has made me accustomed to being by myself other than being with Jacob. I love being with Jake each day and being with him as much as I can. However, it would be nice to have friends who don't curse every other word and believe a good time involves alcohol. Here, I can easily find a few couples who could provide accountability and fellowship.  But who I am to keep saying I don't have a purpose where we are at?
Jake and I became members of International Baptist Church in Oahu Hawaii a couple of months ago. We have been thinking about serving in the childrens area which would be a little out of my comfort zone because I am so used to serving with youth, music, or nursery. I also hardly know any one within our new church family besides the women I've grown to know from our Wednesday night study. I still feel a little uncomfortable during 'greeting' time because I am too shy to go out and meet others. Here in Greenwood, I already know so many. I guess, what I am trying to say is that maybe I should look within our new church family and see where I can serve instead of just being concerned about how I should be served.
Today I was able to sit down and enjoy some coffee with two beautiful and wonderful christian sisters. I just sat there and absorbed each moment, not having to worry about a curse word being thrown in my face or a moment where I felt persecurted for my 'silly' beliefs. The most wonderful thing about today was that I am just getting to know these women and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, I felt so at home and comfortable I didn't want to leave. How come I am not too shy around these women but I can't even move an inch within my pew at IBC? I just don't know...

We had a birthday dinner with my family last night. Its my uncle Shotgun and meme's birthday this week.  I then went and had a long conversation with my brother-in-law. I love our conversations because Heath is so different from Jake but then again kinda similar? He always knows what to say that is needing to be said without being completely arrogant. Have a ever  mentioned how wonderful my husband is? He is the most patient man I have ever met! Not to mention the love he shows me each day without having to put any effort into it. He simply has to smile and I know he was the man God made for me. I do not understand why such a magnificant Creator designed such a man for me...but I sure am thankful!

Sarah and I gave Bear his own personal grooming session and saved Sarah a bit of money. It was really fun! Her Bear is such a good puppy and just stood or sat the entire time.

Sarah and I with Tata