Thursday, September 1, 2011

Craft Day and Other News

Since Jake will be leaving here Saturday for 10 days, my mom sent me some craft supplies to help keep me busy!
I love my momma.
A few weeks ago, she and Aubree sent me some canvas' and I began working on one this past week.

I am NOT an artist by any means. Really. But I do have little craft spurts every so often. This week I wanted to make an Arkansas Razorback sign because apparently the season starts Saturday. lol. My sign was completely free handed and looks the part at each angle but at least we have some color going on in our living room other than brown.

In other news, I have the most awesome husband ever! He passed his ASVAB test with an outstanding 114! In order to apply for the Air Traffic Control package, one needs to have a GT score of 110 and he got a 114! I am so proud of him that it still brings tears to my eyes. We haven't fully decided whether we want to re-enlist. Somedays it seems like the best thing to do. Other days its like "WHAT?! REENLIST?" but we are fully relying on God. Trusting in Him each day. Speaking of eyes tho, I finally went to the doctor yesterday to have my eyes looked at. Ughh I hate the doctor. Growing up, we NEVER went to the clinic unless we were about dead, broken, or (in Sarah's case) pathetically sick. So I wasn't ever 'trained' to go. Some of my friends would seem to be going for check ups once a week! Now that we are given free prescriptions (I use the term free 'freely', Jake does sacrifice his life by being in the military), free health care, free check ups, eye exams, etc., Jake believes I should use it to it's full advantage. Which I should. But I am never really sick. Last year when we believed Jake had a tumor or cancer, it was such a blessing with all of his tests but I never needed to go. Until my eyes began feeling like hot sauce was being poured in them 24/7. I could not even go outside without severe pain. Good thing it rained all of last week. I couldn't watch television, read, or even use Clear Eyes. Don't even get me started on the evening I had to chop up an onion! So yesterday I went to my appointment. It was AWFUL. The horrible doctor puffed, stained, and stuck wooden sticks in my eyes. Twice. I sat an almost cried like a baby. I would have if I could have produced tears. I swear Jake was trying not to laugh. He knew I was about to break down. I even began shaking my head and telling the doctor to get that crap out of my eyes! Anywase, I guess I had a Viral Infection in both eyes that led to severe dryness, and then a case of pink eye. Thank goodness that is over with.

Last week I had a post about 'What in Your Grocery Cart'. One of those items was goat cheese. I hate goat cheese. I will never buy it again. It was rancid. I loved the blueberries, yogurt, and panko crumbs!
This week the only exciting purchase was my Oil of Olay oatmeal soap :)
 I finally had a grocery bill under $100. I realize things are more expensive here. Jake keeps informing me of this.
Jake's birthday is coming up! Of course, he won't be here to celebrate it. Last year he was at Mount Fugi, the year before he was here in Hawaii, and the year before that he was training in California. He told me he doesn't think of his birthday as anything special anymore, just feels like its another day of the week. That is sad. That is SO SAD. Hopefully we can do something special when he gets back home. Speaking of special, he was really excited about having Mcdonalds for breakfast this morning. He had to be at work at 3:45 AM so I didn't get to make him his breakfast. The highlight of his day was a Mcdonalds breakfast. It makes me feel like I deprive him of it! lol
I had a banana...
I'm hoping to work on my stockings my beautiful mom sent me pretty soon!

They are precious!
Hope everyone enjoyed reading about my interesting life today! haha

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  1. Cute CUTE canvas! I love how you made the dots go over the edge like it wraps around. I hope your eye balls are all better!