Friday, September 2, 2011

Date Night

My wonderful husband came home early yesterday and told me he wanted to treat me to something special. He decided to take me to our favorite resturant in Kailua. We went on the Haiku garden trail behind the resturant and it was just so romantic. For one night we didn't care about the price of the food or what wasn't in our budget for the month (even tho we are saving money by Jake leaving for awhile....) or anything about any of that crap.
Jake has been gone since 3:45 AM this morning and I am just sitting here waiting for him to come back home. He leaves tomorrow at 2:30 AM so we are def not looking forward to that.

I other news..I am seriously contemplating getting a major haircut when I go home in October. When I was in my freshman year at college I just decided one day out of no where to chop ALL OF MY HAIR off into a bob. I absolutley loved everthing about it. Jake loved it too. 4 years later, my hair is as long as it has been since probley junior high and I cannot bring myself to cut it. Jake has already informed me that he would love for me to get a bob again but I know he is just saying whatever he thinks I want to hear. I felt lighter and so much more prettier with a bob than I do now; however, having long hair has serious advantages. You know that my life is so interesting when one of my biggest issues is deciding whether or not to get a haircut.


Any suggestions??? This has been an issue since Jake's deployment and I have just let it get longer and longer.

I finally have all of my fall decorations together and am wondering when a good time will be to put them up? Not that it really matters here because it like 80 degrees everyday but I still want it to feel special. A lot of my purchases were made with gift cards and from GoodWill so I am feeling pretty good about it. We have decided not to get a tree this year for Christmas. This year is going to be so strange. I am so used to the Christmas season starting the first week of November and this year it won't be starting really untill December 23rd. Christmas decor is just way too expensive. I'll put up a few things but after living with my mom for 22 years, it won't even compare. Aubree does a good job putting up Christmas decorations too and she is usually home from Thanksgiving past Christmas. It just comes to the same point that this is an in-between home. We went to the Christmas parade 2 years ago and Santa was wearing a Hawaiin short-sleeve shirt. They had palm trees with christmas lights. And it was hot. I'm not trying to be a downer but it  just looks silly.
I'll post pics soon of my decor...maybe...haha.

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