Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

It is my sweet husband's birthday today! He is 22 years old and is growing into such a handsome man! I wish I had a picture of today, or last year's...or the year before...or the year before...BUT I will take pictures of the day we do decide to celebrate his birthday! haha
I know today must be hard on his family also. Jake is out on training and isn't even able to use his phone or internet for communication. It is hard enough for me not to be there with him so I can't imagine how hard it is for his parents.
Being in the military is hard. People take everyday things for granted, not to mention holidays or other celebrations.
There are some benefits of course
  • healthcare
  • steady paycheck
  • travel
  • money...
  • new experiences
There are some consequences
  • too many to list
I HATE when Jake leaves. When Jake is here, at least I have some kind of purpose for waking up and doing something like cooking for him, cleaning, talking with him, and spending time with him. When he leaves, I sit here and think of things to do and cry or want to go back to bed and watch As Time Goes By. Don't you dare judge me. If I was home around family it would be different. Missing birthdays like today just reminds me of how hard this life is.

Yes Jake passed his ASVAB, yes we could reinlist and have a financial secure life. We could buy a nice car, have 'free' babies, live very comfortably...but...we would be seperated for months upon months at a time. We would miss our family every day. We would miss certain holidays and worry about the others that we are getting to go home to. We would be lonely. We would soon become a 'phone conversation' marraige. Get used to not haveing one another in each others life. Then become readjusted with each other when we are together again.

Today I hate the military because it is my husband's birthday and it means NOTHING to the Marine Corps.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, it means something to me

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