Saturday, September 10, 2011

Budget Awareness: Post 1

Many of you who read this blog (which I want to say thankyou for even considering reading it because it most likely bores you to death!) have possibly noticed how often I mention the prices of items or what is and what isn't 'budget' worthy.
This is because when I married my husband, my mom and dad weren't paying for everything anymore.

Now, either the government is paying for 'it' or the money is coming out of our pockets. This was a huge eye opener for me. I never had to pay for anything when I was home. Which sounds every bit as spoiled as it looks. It is just a fact that I took for granted. I was never in want or never without anything.
Now fast forward to now.
I am still not in need of anything BUT that is because my needs and wants have entirally changed. I don't go to the mall each or every other weekend to get new clothes. I don't go to Sonic (well, there isn't one here...) to get a drink or some fast-food every few days of the week. I don't just drive anywhere I want because gas is over $4 here. Grocery shopping has COMPLETLEY changed. Having my nails done ever few weeks is a NO..( more because I am afraid they will cut me and I will pass out in the salon....again.) Just every day things.
I wish I had sat down and began budgeting long before I moved out here. So much money was just wasted on clothes (which are in Arkansas), shoes (which are in Arkansas), movies (which you can rent now for $3), school books..seriously..., and etc.
If you are getting married soon...please start changing you spending habits. Your husband will think its the most attractive thing ever! lol

I thought I would post a little series about how Jake and I choose to budget. Completly boring I know but Jake is off doing training sessions and I am alone in my house. I needed something to do! This Christmas Stocking project is getting a little HARD!

We follow the Dave Ramsey Monthly Income Budget forms. <----- just click on this link to take you there.
Let me just say, I don't even know if we are doing it right..haha
I do know that I have been to one of his conferences, bought and read his book, and looked at his websites.
He knows what he is talking about.

Being on a budget is hard and really not that fun. You have to restrict what you do each and every day so that you know where your money is going and what it is being spent on. Recording what you spent your money on has helped Jake and I. After anything is bought, I go home and write it down. This helps you see where your money is going. After several months of doing this, you will get the hang of where most of your money is going and how you need to responsibly distribute that money. I know everyone has probley heard this but I also know, not many people do this. In fact, the only other person that I have ever heard of doing this (besides you Aubree) is Jeff Ivey. Jeff Ivey is probley one of the most smartest and "role-modeled?" men I know. It's something to think about.
My mother-in-law does the envelope system. You allow yourself whatever the amount is contained in the envelope and when it runs more. You wait till next month. You will WAIT till next month.

So for this post, I encourage everyone this month to write down EVERYTHING (yes, even that $1.99 app you bought on itunes) you spend your money on. Its basic and really easy. Probley more easier for me because I don't really do anything so it's easier for me to remember to DO IT! But really it is not that hard.

Another point that Dave Ramsey made clear is when you 'want' to buy something, wait 'I think' 72 hours before you buy it. If it is as important to you in 72 hours, then look at your budget form and see if you are able to afford the item's'. You will be suprised how much your 'wants' and 'desires' change after a couple of days.
Many people don't want to 'wait' for that item. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, and what a 'great' one at that! I'm talking evey bit to myself as well. I WANT THINGS TOO!!! But, waiting is 'fun' also, really!
The only exception to this rule of waiting is when there is a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy that is wanting to be picked up, bought, and loved on....then the waiting part is MISERABLE! I might need longer that 72 hours in this case in order to think clearly...

Just be frugile with the money GOD has GIVEN you.

Bet you can't wait till my next post! haha

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  1. Great post Emmy! Its all so true. I have gotten to where I set up all our bills online the month before they are actually due. I had all of September's set up before the end of August. That way I know what we have left for groceries, gas and everything else before the week even gets here. I am very very OCD about our bills!! Pay over a little every time too-- that way God forbid something happen we will have lower payments from then on. Gotta be prepared!!