Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A 4 Day Weekend

This past 4 day weekend was awful/wonderful and relaxing/stressful. Ha. Before Jake got back home last Tuesday evening the car died on me twice. I was really blessed that it didn't die after grocery shopping in the parking lot or when I went to Kailua to the beach. But it did die and I have no idea what to do with cars. So anywase, Jake used it throughout the week and it finally died again thursday. We were hoping to not have to get it towed and hoping it would start again that night. Which it did (thankyou so much Jesus). Jake got off of work Friday and the car decided to die again so we were stuck at the house. We do have a motorcycle but it wasn't registered off of base yet so we couldn't go anywhere. The first day was kinda nice but I have been in this house for 2 weeks straight!
Firestone finally said we could bring it in on Monday. Saturday Jake and I started talking about purchasing a 'new' used car. We looked for hours online and got into several little arguments.
Jake wants a truck.
 More precisely this truck:

Trucks are really nice. I'm not going to sit here and say they aren't. HOWEVER, trucks are not the most economically practical cars out there. Gas is over $4 here and trucks get like 17 MPG. This is where our arguments come in. I wanted to get a car that was small, practical, and had a good price tag with a good 35 MPG. This apparently is not a man car.
We have been budgeting for almost a year now and have budgeted for a 'new' used car. Dave Ramsey says to not EVER buy a new car. New cars deppreciate in value like 10 fold once you drive it off the lot. Used cars are already deppreciated. Are orginal plan was to put back a 'car-payment' each month until we EAS so that we could put down more than 1/2 for a car so we would be able to pay it off sooner than later. This is a smart plan. This is a good plan.
But our car keeps breaking.
This is a major decision for us. Combined with decisions like whether or not to reenlist and not being able to buy a beautiful golden retriever is a lot to handle (isn't it?). The golden retriever breeding farm offered us a deal that would have been 1/2 the price of the North Shore puppies. We had to turn them down. Being responsible is miserable sometimes.
We finally got our car fixed. This has been the 4th time since January that we have put it in the shop. Auto Repair is NOT affordable here. I don't really know if it is anywhere.
We have come to a conclusion. If the car breaks down again before we EAS, then we will invest in a car. I'm praying that it doesn't. I have also come to the conclusion that I already have my dream car and why should I take away Jake's dream car? Even if it impractical.

In other news, I have been working on Jake's stocking and it is beginning to come together!

not even half way through yet....
I have really been enjoying this project. My fingers and patience haven't but I have! It has also really put me into the Christmas spirit and it's only September! Oh goodness. I am going home in 2 weeks and I am needing to finish this one so I will be able to bring it home with me to finish up sewing the back of it on.

Even tho it is a perfect, sunny 80+ here on Oahu, Fall has hit the Gordon house. Well, kinda..

It's not a lot but it's enought to get in the spirit of things. Sometimes, it get a little windy here and I can pretend its cold outside! I wonder if there will be kids coming to our house for Hollaween? I hope they aren't expecting me to have candy for them! No, but seriously.....maybe I can hand out chocolate covered prunes? lol
I'm just kidding......

I start my book for my book club today. I'm pretty excited. I will be the only one there under 40 but thats fine.
Anything I learn I will surely put in my blog!

Other than watch NCIS this weekend, I spent the majority of my time watching my husband do this:

He's so cute tho. He got this new game with a Christmas gift card I have been hiding from him (yes, I do that so that we can have gifts all year long) and it is such a good game. I don't care for COD or Metal Gear Solid or any games that has the sole purpose of blowing people up, so he got this Sly Cooper game. He's so sweet. I do like that Red Dead Redemption game tho!
Talk with ya'll again soon!


  1. haha, i like this post Em. I'll be praying for your car issue, their THE PITS! and dont you dare pass out chocolate covered PRUNES for halloween!!!! What would your momma say?! haha.... Hugs my friend!

  2. He has great taste in trucks, but I get your point! Loving your fall decor!