Thursday, June 28, 2012

Motivation where did you go!?

Ugh. You guys I have no motivation! Its been over a week since my last run....
and it really was such a good run 2.5 miles! Plus 2 on the bike and another mile walked.

It has just been so hectic and stress-filled.
Jake and I have been going walking every other night instead because he is borrowing an awesome bike so he rides while I walk beside him. We walked to this super nice park and then to the beach one night and just listened to the waves. It was pitch black and really serene. I am really going to miss that smell and sound.

I leave a week from today!!
7 more days in Hawaii!! I am so ready to leave tho. We will be spending the 4th of July with the Pantlings. They are having a cookout and there will be a show on the Harbor. It will be wonderful.

I am sitting here watching Aubree and Linus on Skype and listening to all the different military members here at Starbucks. There are men from Australia and Canada in front of me and I am enjoying there accents.

Jake and I got our truck sent off! Whew, one more thing that is marked off. Excitingly tho, that was the second to last thing that was to be marked off....

We are borrowing a truck from the Pantlings so we are able to still go around the towns and enjoy our last week.

I better go, just thought I would do a little update. It is getting a little distracting in here so I'm not sure how this post is sounding. Sorry! I was never good with distracting environments ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Ok guys Im sorry I have been missing in action on the blog! Our internet decided to stop working about 3 weeks ago so we had to go ahead and cancel it.

ALOT has been going on!

First of all, we are all moved out of our house. THERE IS NOTHING in that house. We moved out everything on Monday and literally have a matress, little couch, and carboard boxes leftover from the movers as furniture. No tv, internet, and rarely phone usage because I don't want to use data.
Its super nice when Jake is home but I get so bored when he is gone. I am spending the afternoon watching Aubree cook on Skype at the Starbucks on base so I could do a little socializing and a blog update.

The move went by fast but it was super stressful. I have a lovely huge fever blister on my face to help remind me of those couple of days. Finally got our motorcycle shipped as well. We were planning on staying up at the Pantlings to save some money on BAH (housing allowance) and to take care of jake (the lab) but the people here who manage our rent would have feed us over $2300 for moving early.....
yes....corrupt people...not to mention all the other fees they are already charging us for not notifying them early. Because being in the military we have all of our information on anything weeks ahead of schedual *sarcasm*.
It has kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth about this island and leaving now isn't so sad.

However, Jake and I spent a night being tourist the other night out in Waikiki and the whole evening I was savoring every moment. I love how Jake and I fall in love more and more each day and those butterflies still flutter around in my stomach when I spend time with him :)

We drove down to the strip and walked around Waikiki. Started out going to a little tea house and sampled some teas and ended up buying some AMAZING little teas! We then saw that we were in around the time the Farmers Market is open so we walked through the market and tasted some pastries...mmmm
Next we walked to the beach and sat at the park till dinner time. Went to our special chinese place called Noodles for dinner afterwards. We have gone their with my family each time they were in and went there the very first time I came over. It is in the Hilton Village and just holds some sweet memories. We then went and sat out by the pool (where I spent my first evening here visiting with Jake 3 years ago!) and listened to the outdoor band for a couple of hours. It was the most beautiful night! We walked along and took some pictures of us wading in the lagoon and watched the sunset. We went and walked throught Fort Derassy park and looked though the Hale Koa hotel and just had the most wonderful evening.
We hardly go over to the tourist side of the island because it costs so much over there but I'm so glad we went.

I have been keeping up with my running. Not so much this week. I went Sunday morning and did real good. I am averaging about 2-2.5 miles straight with no stops but walk another mile and ride the bike a couple of miles sometimes. We've mostly been walking this week because of everything going on.

I need more motivation! Hopefully when things settle down. Its hard to cook healthy without any staples in the house let alone any kitchen appliances!
Sandwhiches and soup is on the menu for the next 2 weeks!

Yes, 2 weeks from today I will be boarding a plane out of here.
Wow. Didn't I just write a post about it being 3 more months in this place?
We almost got the truck ready for shipment so that is just another little step closer to home!

Jake suprised me and rented a boat for this Saturday so we are going boating!! I'm super excited because I've always seen the marina full of boats and sailboats coming and going from the base but we just never went. So Jake secretly took a Hawaiin boating class to get his liscence and asked me out on a date :)

It seems like i'm rambling...sorry! My mind is just a whirlwind.
I better go, theres alot of people in here so i'm getting distracted! haha can people do homework in a public place like this???
sorry random thought