Friday, September 16, 2011

Products I Love: Post 4

While I was sitting here drinking my coffee and completly ignoring the fact that I haven't looked at my school work since Monday, I was just struck by how good my coffee was and I thought, "This needs to go in the posts!"
First, I want to just say how much I love our Keurig:

If it wasn't for Christmas presents, this little machine would not have found it's way on top of our countertop. BUT, Tanta Kringle did decide to graciously give it to us. You don't know who Tanta Kringle is?? WHAT!!!
Here let me introduce you:

Ok, now that everyone knows who she is.....(completley random but true)....I can tell you all about this new product that has just recently came out for the Keurig from Folgers. Folgers In Your Cup *theme song version*
They come in a 12, 18, and 24 count box. All you have to do is pop one of those in your machine, press the serving size you want and ShaZaam, you have your coffee made in under 1 min. I have tried the flavored coffee-gross. My husband LOVES the flavored coffee. If it's going to be flavored, I'm the one going to flavor it. I have tried others that are 'ok' but Folgers just seems so right and good. And for some reason makes me think of Christmas...which is also right and good. Everyone remembers the Christmas commercial where the soldier comes home for Christmas and walks into a house smelling of Folgers and suprises everyone that he got to come home....well why not have that feeling each morning at my house all year around?!
 I am not an avid coffee drinker. But coffee is 0 points for weight watchers and it does taste good with an english muffin and my next favorite product:

I love how this all ties in together...
I LOVE this butter! After going through my nutritions class I went head on into the grocery store with a mission to find a great tasting, satisfying, spreadable-not-so-bad-for-you butter. My husband LOVES this butter also and literally smiles everytime he sees me putting it on to something. I know butter is just horrible for you, I understand that but with about 1/2 t on each slice of bread (or pumpkin bread-definitley great on a piece of fat free, whole wheat pumpkin bread) you don't feel bad. I have told Jake that I WILL NOT buy Nutella. He is really ok and pleased with this instead and thats makes me a happy camper.

Ok, So I have fallen in love with Aveeno. I have already shared with everyone about my love for their shaving cream (thankyou again momma). Well, have you every tried their facewash or shampoo?? I haven't tried their lotions-still a faithful Johnson & Johnson, as well as, Oil of Olay lover- but I'm sure its fantastic.

I don't know if it is just the ocean air here or what but my skin loves this facewash. Amanda (who I got my facial's from back at home) says that ocean air is very good for the skin but I also want to believe that this little product also needs to be given some credit. It was so funny because after awhile, Jake used this other type of facewash and looked at me afterwards and said, "my face doesn't feel as clean with this one..." Need I say more. This statement came from a man. Not a girly man, one of those men who thinks its ok to go out in a field for a week or more without taking a shower, who comes home sometimes smelling of guns and grease, and who rides a motorcycle while looking extremely attractive. Ooops I got sidetracked, but anywase I love this facewash. :)
I also love their shampoo which leaves my hair fresh looking for 2 days after I washed it! 2 DAYS!? Aussie, Pantene, Herbal Essence, and Suave don't cut it for my hair. I have a sensitive head and a LOT of hair. It isn't my 'favorite' shampoo when it comes to smell (that would be Pert Plus...I know odd huh?) because it is very neutral? in smell but it does the trick.
I have some more but I won't continue to bore you guys any longer today. I guess I will sit back and begin to work on this stocking some more. Yesterday Jake comes home to me listening to Christmas music, baking a pumpkin loaf, and sewing christmas stockings! He didn't even see the Christmas movie I had on before he came home......
What month is it again?????

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