Wedding Story

Jake and I met when I was about 14 years old. I began having a huge crush on him the summer after my 8th grade year and we eventually became 'boyfriend'/'girlfriend'. We barely talked but he was just the cutest boy ever. Over the next 5 years I fell more in love with him each passing year. I had never had a real boyfriend before him. Jake was my first kiss. Every memory through junior high and highschool involves him and when I am home, everything seems to remind me of him.
Before my 18th birthday I remember telling Jake that if he ever joined the military, I would not marry him.
On my 19th birthday, Jake took me out to Pizza Barn and told me in the last booth on the far right side of the resturant that he had enlisted in the Marine Corps. I looked at him and knew with every ounce in my body I could never be with anyone else and knew I loved this Jacob Aaron Gordon.
November 5th as I sat with his family on some metal bleachers, I watched Jake graduate from Marine Corps boot camp. I knew that specific day I wanted to marry him. After 3 months of only random letters and of not hearing his voice, it was so wonderful hearing and seeing him. I can't even describe in words the joy I felt that day.
After a few more goodbyes and lots of phone conversations, Jake asked me to marry him Feb.10 2009 .
One year later (almost exactly), we both decided I was to move out here to Hawaii and begin our life together. I had brought with me 2 suitcases, 1 backpack, and a simple wedding dress. I thought we were getting married at a courthouse somewhere in Honolulu Hawaii. The morning of Feb. 12 2010, I can just remember being so calm. It was right to be marrying this man. Around 11 o'clock, Jake drove us to Waiminalo beach. He had suprised me with a proffesional wedding photographer! I was absolutley stunned. Walking around the beach I was getting a little nervous and 'angry ' because we were going to be late to our own wedding. The wedding photographer positioned us in the pose where we were pointing at some island when out of NO WHERE a pastor came up and asked us if we wanted to get married! I remember just looking at him and then at Jake and just wanting to cry of excitement. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being married on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We began the ceremony when Pastor Stan all of the sudden asked "who gives these 2 away?" then I heard the most wonderful sound in the world come from behind me! Jake had asked my mom and his mom to join us on this special day! I had just thought it was going to be just the two of us in some random court room and it ended up being so special. They yelled "WE DO" and I just ran to my mom! I can not tell you anything Pastor Stan said but I do know I loved every minute of it. My mom had stopped and made me a bouquet of roses and had brought Aubree's wedding veil to wear. She also brought me Aunt Sandy's earrings and Jacque brought me a family handkerchief to wrap around my bouquet.
After the ceremony we went out to eat dinner and then I got to spend the night with my husband. Jake and I both believe it is God's will to save yourself for your wedding night. I am beyond  blessed that we didn't fall to the sins and 'normalcy' of what the world has disturbingly made the marraige bed into. I am so honored and proud of the man I married.

I know this is such a short post but I am just sitting here crying remembering all of what Jake and I have been through. Hopefully it portrays just a glimpse of how special our life is and continues to be.