Monday, March 26, 2012


How sad would it be if you were to speak out in anger; and in the process, hurt your credibility as a christian? A christian who speaks of unconditional love and forgiveness from God our Father.
But that is exactly what can happen.

James 1: 26

"If anyone consideres himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless."

In one's anger watch what you may say or write because your anger does not bring about the righteous life God desires for those who love Him.

Many times we read or hear something we do not agree with. That does not mean to go slander your brothers and sisters. It means to sit back and if that person is sinning, to confront them with a friend and help and love on that brother.

In your anger watch out to not disgust yourself and others by using filthy -unwholesome-language. This will hurt your Father and it will cause a brother who struggles with that to sin.

Learning a lot in my James study. Learning a lot about what the bible specifically says.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful scriptures

I have had some amazine devotionals these past few weeks. Verses keep coming up in my mind while driving down the road, doing laundry, or fixing dinner. I am so happy to be more aware of the Spirit that resides inside me and to not have Him pushed back any longer. I love digging into the Word and seeing His truth.

One of my favorites, and most convicting is Proverbs 17:27-28
"A man of knowledge uses words with restraint, and a man of understanding is even-tempered. Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent and discerning if he holds his tongue."

Not always having an argument on the tip of your tounge is a blessed man.

Like many of you who read this blog, you know Jake and I are dealing with some decisions. I know I haven't been so clear as to what we have and havne't chosen because God could still change our paths. One of the verses that keeps resonating in my spirit is Proverbs 16:3

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

I know their is a lot more to this verse tho because having plans of moral filth is not going to honor God. In James, Christ's half brother speaks of looking intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continuing to do this, not forgetting, but doing it, that man will be blessed! (1:25)

The law could be the new covenent law as in Sermon on the Mount, the ten commandments or an old testiment law James was referring to, either way, Christ did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law. If I listen, hear, AND do, then I can commit those plan to the lord and He will see them to succession.

I am loving James. Each verse is so pure and true and it touches a different area in my life. There are going to be hard times, I know this, but God says we are blessed when we are going through trials of many kinds.

I know I may seem old-fashioned to many but I am ok with that. I like to keep my household rid of moral filth, whether thats bad language, things we watch on television, or the angry conversations that can arise. Christ wants us to rid that moral filth that is so prevelant (SO SO SO SO PREVALENT) and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save us!

Again, what beauitful scriptures! I know God is preparing my heart for this next stage of life. It will be different. Completley and utterly different from everything Jake and I have known so far in our marraige. It scares me. It does. But hiding the word in my heart and letting Christ be the light in my life is helping me more and more each day.

I know this post did not have any clear flow to it, but its ok, I mean look how James wrote! haha.

Be doers of the word, not just hearers! Don't try to take a verse and mold it into what will fit your 'life-style'. It is a living Word, let it live in you! It is already planted deep in there, just humble yourselves and accept it!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Things I Love

This is going to be a long and boring post considering the fact that I am sitting here watching Jake play video games...

Things I love...

  • I love waking up in the mornings next to my husband. Sometimes he puts on music for me to wake up too. Recently it has been the Doris Day Pandora, Coldplay's 'Paradise', or Karman. I love it. Also some mornings when he doesn't mind me staying in bed, he just puts in As Time Goes By and tucks me into both of our quilts while the Hawaiin sun rises behind our headboard.
  • I love the smell of fresh towels out of the laundry after getting out of the shower just to be enveloped by the smell of Lavender Gain.
  • I love sitting down with my friends, whether they are 23 or 77, listening to the tea pot whistle at us while going through assortments of teas, and talking about all the amazing things God is doing in our different and special lives.
  • I love driving in this big 'ole Chevy with the windows down and listening to a range of music from Simon and Garfunkel, Journey, NickleCreek, or Lady Antebellum.
  • I love new windshield wipers.
  • I LOVE Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Fablehaven.
  • I love sitting down on this red couch snuggling up in a Cracker Barrel quilt, sipping my coffee, and reading a good book.
  • I love going to Waiminalo and Kailua beach here.
  • I love golden retrievers.
  • I love when I'm walking somewhere beside my husband and he takes my hand in his.
  • I love when I go to sleep at night, I not only get to see my husband beside me but I also get to snuggle up with my Lovey :)
  • I love that Jake and I are together and he's not hundreds of miles away from me.
  • I love new baby angus cows.
  • I love when all the flowers come out during Arkansas's spring and looking out my window at all of them.
  • I love riding on the Polaris with my daddy and picking Muscadines off the tree to eat.
  • I love Amanda Wade's facials.
  • I love going to Branson and looking at all the Christmas lights.
  • I love banana nut cheerios.
  • I love Antique Roadshow, Once Upon a Time, Vicar of Dibley, and Franklin.
  • I love the memories I have with my Memaw.
  • I love care packages from my momma.
  • I love playing the guitar.
  • I love kisses from Pumpkin.
  • I love hugs from Dewey Hickey.
  • I love cookouts with my family.
  • I love everything about Christmas.
  • I love Jcrew.
  • I love that I have two very special and very different sisters who will be my best friends for the rest of my life.
  • I love that I am graduated from school and I don't owe one dime!
  • I love spending time around Jake's grandparents dining room table with all of his (and my) family.
  • I love riding on motorcycles.
  • I love grilled salmon, pomegranate greek yogurt, peanut butter sandwhiches, and chili on a cold day...with cheetos.
  • I love the book of James and 1&2 Timothy.
  • I love my friends.
  • I love golden retrievers...have I mentioned that yet ;)
  • I love Farmers Bank. haha, no I really do, they are always so nice to me.
  • I love fresh honey.
  • I love that God forgives and blesses me daily even when I do not deserve anything.
  • I love that I used to could stick a pencil in-between the two front teeth in my mouth and now they are perfect without the help of braces.
  • I love the atmosphere of Razorback football game days.
  • I love the smell of Yankee candles.
  • I love looking at pictures of Ireland and knowing that one day I will walk through that Emerald Isle and love every moment of it.
  • I love knowing that I married the man of my dreams. I love that he would have been the first man I have ever kissed and the last man I will ever kiss :)
  • I love that I am the first girl Jake has ever kissed and will be the last girl he will ever kiss! ;)
  • I love being a graduate from Greenwood Highschool and that I have my name engraved in the same ground along with all of mine and jake's family.
  • I love evening walks around Greenwood with my friends and sisters, just catching up on life.

I am sure I have tons more but I was getting pretty bored just sitting here watching some man named Shephard attack all these aliens on our television.

haha. Oh I got my blood taken today and I didn't faint! PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY!

Well It's Friday

So today is the day I am having to do something I have been avoiding since growing up...yes...I have to get my blood taken...
I know this sounds so ridiculous. This may or may not be one of the reasons why I keep putting off having children.. :(
I have a severe problem. I faint like its going into fashion. Getting a manicure=fainting in salon floor. Stubbing toe in Physics class=fainting in front of class mates. Cutting finger of cheese grater, cleaning knifes, etc.= fainting in front of stunned husband. Step on tack=faint. Talking with manager about a miscarraige=faint in bathroom on nasty floor hitting head on commode.
I'm serious. Its bad.
The last time I had my blood taken is when I was 10 years old and back then, I took on the world! But now I am such a sissy. Jake put everything into perspective this morning when he said that men on the front lines don't get a nice office and nurse but whatever is available, or when a child has cancer and has to go through chemo. That has really helped. Probley wont stop me from falling out on the floor in front of countless military men but it has helped.

ugh please pray!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So last night I was the only one to go to my bookclub again but sometimes I really enjoy that. We sat and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and just talked about military life and how God uses each one differently. I love the fact that Veronica gives me sound, biblical reason and scripture that helps me weekly. She really helped me understand peace better. Throughout this decision making process Jake and I are experiencing, I sit and wait for this enveloping peace to surrond me at any moment, thinking then we can move on because we are at complete peace. I've been waiting for ..awhile.. now. I'm not going to sit and say that peace hasn't come. It has in a manner. I'm at peace with my relationship with Jake. I love him and I have loved learning to be his help mate. Jake and I are closer that we have ever been and it is because God brought us to this tiny island to learn what it means to become one. I am finally at peace with living here. I was talking to amanda last night and I told her that it doesn't 'feel' like I live here, it just feels like and extended vacation. I have peace that God will guide us each step of the way if we walk by His holy lantern and not our blind selves. I have peace that God is continually molding me to become His daughter. I have peace that whatever happens God will and promises to answer us..whether my whispers or a Holy storm.

As I was driving across the harbor to Ford Island, the sun was setting and I was actually driving our big Chevy by myself. I looked at all the ships lighting up the harbor and at the memorials and thought, "Do I actually LIVE here?" I mean, how many people get to look at this harbor and see this just on the way to a book club? Have you seen pictures of this place and the atmosphere it brings with it? I literally takes your breath away. I then proceeded to go park next to the sunken USS Missouri. I just sat in the truck and listened to some country song ( I tend to do this NOT because I actually like country, but because it makes me think I am in the South again) and wanted to just cry. I am blessed. Last Monday on my way to Pearl Harbor, I counted 20+ waterfalls falling inbetween the huge crevices along the highway. EVERYWHERE!

This was a picture i just snagged while driving a couple of weeks ago. I thanked God for bringing Jake and I here and all the love we have built together and the strength that only God could have provided to bring us to the marraige that we have right now.

Veronica said that peace does not have to be just an overwhelming factor in decision making. She said that faith is needed before sight. I knew this but I was just thinking that peace will follow, which she said it will. She said to look at each incidence and see where God's hand was leading up to our decision and if that procession is still leading to where we believe God is taking us. We truly feel like each step of the way is taking us closer to this next destination. Jake and I both have passions. His are more noticeable then mine I think. He has a passion to give back to this nation or to it's people. He always has. I on the other hand do not have that passion; but, I think my passions complement Jake's and in the long run, that could help us in ministry. But for now, we can't just jump into something but sit back and listen to where the Holy Spirit is guiding us. Peace can be given to pass all of our understanding WHEN WE ASK AND BELIEVE. However, Faith has to be put in that equation.

We serve such a powerful God and I never want to make Him smaller than my fears. Jake and I were created for a purpose. We are still here aren't we?
In the mean time, I will enjoy these Hawaiin beaches as long as I can and look forward to the one on one time I have with my Jake each day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello All :)

So my hair keeps getting longer and longer. I really should get it cut considering the fact that it keeps falling out everywhere and attaching itself to everything. Jake would like me to get my bob haircut back. I would really like to grow it out enough to be able to donate it and still have a long enough hair cut to put into a poney tail. I LOVE the ladies haircut on I LOVE IT!


Maybe just a bit longer so I won't feel so self-consious BUT who knows. I've been saying this for over a year.

SO...I have been doing the body-by-vi shakes for about a month now and have yet to weigh myself. I don't want to be disappointed. Especially considering how much the stuff costs.  I am too lazy to go out and buy a scale and I haven't walked down to the gym since Hawaii decided to turn into Rainy Town Central.

I was looking so forward to my bible study this morning over James and had all my verses memorized and my homework completed till I walked outside to see my purse sitting inside the locked truck holding my set of car keys. Jake is on the other side of the island at Pearl Harbor securing a convoy SO I had to stay home. I am really enjoying this study and love each day.

Saw a pair of cute affordable shoes I want from LL bean! Only $29.99 and tax free and shipping for free!
Pinned Image
There are several things I would just love to have in my closet right about now:

Pinned ImageI'm loving these short Hunter rain boots!

Pinned ImageI'm especially loving Jcrew's stripes and chino shorts!

Pinned Imagewhy does Anthropoligie have to cost an arm and a leg for a simple c.u.t.e shirt?

 Pinned ImageLOVE

Jake was really kind enough to take me out and let me have my shopping fix a couple of weeks ago after church. I got this GORGOUSE sweater from Banana Republic that was on sale! And a striped shirt :)
He is so nice to me. I don't know why I have the need/desire for new things. That morning it just seemed like everything in my closet had holes in it, stained, or too small/big. It is so hard to have the majority of your clothes stored 900+ miles away. I never want to find my worth in clothes. It seems when I go back home I feel so pressured in having nice new things while being here it doesn't matter. I seem so content. Why is that? I know that is so materialistic and I HATE it. I think that for me, it helps me feel prettier to know I look nice in what I am wearing. I don't like stores which a lot of people do like. It seems like the only clothes that look decent on my come from the expensive clothing lines...banana republic and jcrew. I wish I looked good in target clothes and old navy. I just feel like they don't flatter me and I feel awful in their clothes. I know I can't be the only one that feels this way!? I also wish that the only jeans that do flatter my body costs way more than I care to admit. I just love the feel of Sevens tho! sigh.....wouldn't it be so nice to be able to look great in any brand of jeans?


Some exciting news! Megay (my beautiful cousin who you can read about here) told me about her tennis coach breeding amazing golden retrievers!! Hopefully we can bring home a new addition to our family by the end of the year! It shouldn't be so stressful since we should have the money saved up by then and we will be moved into a new home!
We have 3 names so far:
1. Archimedes
2. Shamus
3. Copper

We both like the name Copper and think it fits really well for a red haired beauty! However, I HAVE ALWAYS loved the name Archimedes so we might fit that in their as well ;)

I hope everyone has had a nice rainy afternoon! I know we have had plenty of rain enough for everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap...

Oh goodness it has been awhile since I have blogged! This weekend was pretty normal. I started a new bible study with some women from church Thursday morning. We are doing Beth Moore's James Mercy Triumphs. I am loving it so far! But I have always had a special place in my heart for James. The ladies there are so hard core about memorizing the entire book. I was a week behind in the meetings and they are already to vs. 15 or so! I used to have the first 3 chapters memorized so maybe they will come right back out! This study has really spoke to me so far with the decisions in Jake's and my marriage. Ask and God promises to answer. BUT DO NOT DOUBT! That is a key in the first chapters. When we doubt, we become unstable in all we do, just like a wave of the sea which is blown and tossed about. I don't want to be a wave and tossing a decision about every other week. I want to know our decision is based on a rock solid foundation in faith! Woo pretty powerful devotionals!

Saturday we went to go see the Lorax with our friends and their litter girl. It was such a cute movie and I love that Ed Helms was the voice of the Onceler! We came back home and then later went out to eat with them out in Kailua! God has really answered my prayers by bringing me this friend and her family.

Sunday we went to church and our hearts were so warmed and refreshed by the message. The founder of International Baptist was there and spoke of our being a chosen people. We are royalty and should be lights to the world. This church is HUGE in missions and he shared several testimonies of people he knew that died for Christ. It was convicting, uplifting, and wonderful to know that God chose us for a reason. He loves us and has a divine purpose for each of his special children.

We came home and relaxed the rest of the day. It has been pouring and raining nonstop for over a week and I am ready for the 78degree Hawaiin weather to come back to us! We watched our Sunday shows and I LOVED Once Upon a Time! It was so romantic!

Today I have woke up, drank my green tea, and am getting ready to spend the afternoon with the Pantlings. She has given me the gift of one of her favorite Fiestaware Casserole dishes and is teaching me how to make a FANTASTIC cobbler! I prayed specifically that she would ask us to let Jake spend the week with us. God says we can come to Him with our requests and I know that if its His will, he can come see us :)

I love that nothing is too petty for Our God that we present to Him!

I also got the greatest shirt ever this weekend:
Its my first Harry Potter shirt and because it is about Snape, means its the best shirt ever! Its American Apparel so its also super soft. I should wear it to my book club just so I can let them know that this series is not of the Devil! But they wouldn't know what it means anywase so I will probley just wear it everywhere else.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday! I have heard several times that it is beautiful back home! And Congrats to my cousin Madison for making 8th grade cheer! So happy for you!