Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I love about Today

Today I love the fact that it is Saturday and that means Pioneer Woman Day!!!!
Also, I got to watch the Arkansas Razorback game with my husband for the first time in 4 years. But that was kinda sad.

I was introduced to the Pioneer Woman by my mother-in-law a couple of years ago. Jacque gave me her cookbook for Easter and when I moved out here last May went all out with her meals:

My top 6 favorite Pioneer Woman Recipes are:
  1. Perfect Pot Roast
  2. Red Velvet Sheet Cake
  3. Enchiladas
  4. Delicous, Creamy Mash Potatoes
  5. Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp
  6. Orange Mini Muffins with brown sugar glaze
I mean serisously, I have only made 1 thing of hers that I just couldn't stand and that was the olive spread french bread. I LOVE her potatoe skins, chicken speghetti, asparagus, chicken salad, and everything else I have tried.
I would LOVE to go into the kitchen right now and pull out that book or look up on her blog and begin cooking whatever I want! I loved cooking when I cooked her meals. Everything tasted so wonderful.

Stupid Weight Watchers.

Jake and I are in the process of making some major decisions about our life. Decisons that will effect our entire life. If you hadn't had to make those types of decisions yet, there's really nothing I can say to prepare you. God opens doors and closes others. Sometimes God's speaks to us in Merciful whispers or in His Majestic Booming voice.
I am more particular to the Booming voice but thats probley because I am not always listening to that Holy whisper.
Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
Knowing that a crucial part of your life is at risk with whatever we decide is very emotionally draining. In my book I am reading for my book club it particularly points out that I am NOT the head of this family. It has compared the wife as the Vice President. I am here to support and help my husband with life decisions. I am here to accompany him with his decisions. A wife that tries to lead her family does a far worse job than a husband who barley leads his family.  This is a quote from my book. At first I was defensive, laid the book down, and just thought about that for awhile. I thought, "what the crap is that supposed to mean?" But God made the man to be His helper. He made the woman for the man. We are our husband's helper. Our purpose is to support them in whatever their decisions are and when they have made their decisions in the realization of God's will, I have to support him. I made the decision to marry this man.
Did I mention how happy I am with the choice I made of marrying Jake? Well I am very happy. I am joyful and proud. I love him so much.

I have to believe that God will truly be with us every step of the way. I mean, when I look over the past, I specifically see God's hand over EVERY area of our life. It is humbling and breath-taking.

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