Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Products I Love: Post 1

Every-so-often I find a product that I absolutley love thanks to my mom buying the product and us testing it out or just taking a chance on a product. This week my favorite products are :

  • Aveeno Shaving Gel
  • Gain Detergent and Fabric Softener
  • Yankee Candle: Home Sweet Home

Positively Smooth $3.99

I can't even over exaggerate how much I love this shave gel. I have to shave my legs daily because of the lovely dark hair and stubby legs I was fortunatley blessed with ( I don't know if the length of your legs has anything to do with it but I'm sure it does somewhere along the way). We would usually use the popular shave creams such as Skintimate ($3.29) or PureSilk (around $2) but they would sometimes leave my legs dry and then I would have little bumps later on in the day. However, with this Aveeno Shave gel you are immediatly relaxed by the aroma; as well as, the feeling it leaves on your legs. Another problem with the other shave cans is that they would sometimes rust. Aveeno comes in a non-rust can and doesn't leave circles around your tub. Jake LOVES shaving in the mornings with this gel over his higher priced shave gels because he, and I quote, "loves the smell and feel."

Gain laundry detergent is expensive. I'm just going to go right out and say it. Here, it is around $11 dollard for the normal size tub. BUT, I have used Purex for awhile trying to save money. I even tried Wisk and Tide but they don't even compare to the smell it leaves on your clothes! Especially the lavender smell. Wisk doesn't even have a smell. I might be partial because this is what we use at home and it smells like home during each load but when you use it with the Gain Fabric Softener, it even makes a Marines Cami's and Blouses come out soft and fresh! I went months sacrificing with the quality of our detergent but when I went home and smelt and felt my clothes after each wash, I didn't want to sacrifice any longer! I love the smell of Lavender on all my clothes. Jake loves when I use this on his work clothes because he loves, and I quote, "the softness" it leaves on our clothing. Jake never comments on anything so when I get comments out of him about household items, they MUST be making an impression on him.

Yankee Candle's Home Sweet Home $25

Growing up my family would always have to be careful about the types of candles we placed around the house because my dad is overly 'sensitive' to certain smells. We couldn't even wear lotion. I inherited that awful 'disease.' BUT when it comes to Christmas or Thanksgiving I don't care. I want everything around me smelling of Christmas, Pumpkin, Vanilla, Spice, Cinnamon, and goodness. But when we go to the Yankee part of the store in Bed Bath and Beyond, my husband gets 'sick'. We only buy Yankee candles with our coupons we recieve so we only go about once every few months. Jake wants to buy the candles that hardly have a smell. I'm thinking, I don't want to spend $25 on a candle thats not going to fragrance my entire house! However, we when came across Home Sweet Home....omyword....I can't even describe. When you move away from everything you know and get used to the smell of salt water and sunscreen and walk into a store, open a glass bottle and smell 'home' you've gotta buy whatever it is! And to top it all of, it doesn't make Jake or myself sick with headaches! 

I understand everyone is different in their tastes but if you are searching for that perfect shave gel, detergents, or frangrance, you should really give these products a run for their money!

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