Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Hello Everyone!
It has been awhile since I have updated this blog and since I am back to almost my normal life once again, I promise to update more often.
Jake and I just got back home last night after a long and depressing day full of flights, layovers, and tears. We really hated to leave our families. These past few weeks have been so wonderful and I sit here really not knowing where all the time went? I have so much to blog about that I will probley have to break it into sections.
Sarah June got married! She was absolutley beautiful but who would have thought anything different? The News Years weekend went by so fast and was filled with pictures, decorating, tears, smiles, and lots of family and friends.

Getting ready for the big day!

I love them both so much

My friends are so beautiful!

Sarah at her tea party

Love you Rachel!

Fell in love all over again with this little guy at the Tea Party!

Cleanup crew and future bride!
 We all loved seeing our friends and having showers and a wonderful tea party. I loved hanging out with everyone after Sarah's wedding and staying up till the ball dropped to bring in the new year.

We have so many decisions to be made this year that could change our life completly. We had decided to reinlist before we came back home for the holidays. We don't want to base any decisions on emotions but what we feel led to do by God and for what will be the best for Jake and I. While home however, we were reunited with family that loved us and that we got to be with and with friends that loved us and shared our values and beliefs. We laughed and smiled the entire time and felt at 'home' of course. Now after all of those wonderful moments we don't want to ever leave again. It is such a hard decision.

Christmas was so WONDERFUL! We both had such an amazing time with our families and reuniting with some family we haven't seen in so long. Once again we were both extremely blessed, my husband is sitting here right next to me enjoying his christmas present (new xbox...). This morning I woke up and asked him if Zumba had to have a kinect to be able to play it because I thought that would be really fun to do; however we don't have a Kinect so I didn't think anything of it. While I was grocery shopping Jake suprised me with using his store credit at gamestop on me and bought a kinect! He is so kind to me. We spent the afternoon trying to figure everything out and are downloading some demos to try to see what we like.

My mother suprised me by getting me the most wonderful bedspread ever from Pottery Barn!!!!!

Seriously the most beautiful quilt ever
 I can't wait until we move to the mainland so I can start using all my new things! I am getting a stand mixer and vacuum also! Haha doesn't christmas lists change so much over the years?

Our annual Christmas picture with our matching jim jams

Girls weekend in Silver Dollar City!

Christmas dinner with my family :)

Needless to say we had such a wonderful time and we can't wait to go back home soon!
I have a WW enchilada soup in the crock pot and am thinking about having a classic Disney marathon with all of the new Disney movies we recieved but I am jet lagged and am tired so a nice bath and As Time Goes By may have to suffice for now :)

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