Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan. 30

I love pinterest. I love how there are so many ideas on how to do everything but I really love how it has opened my eyes to so many different recipes and foods; not to mention, all the health and fitness tips.
Yesterday I began the at home body circuit and it was challenging but a LOT better than that devil Insanity crap.
This morning I ran by some hummus recipes and kept seeing it as a healthy alternative to snacking. I have never had hummus and never really had an opinion on the spread. So I found a sweet potatoe recipe and went to get the ingredients. Of course our store didn't have tahini so I am going to have to try to substitute something for it but I did find some fresh spread there.
Mmmm it is divine! I have only had it with carrots but I'm gonna make me some pita chips later. The pita chips in the store are $5 a bag so I bought the bread which was only $2.50.

Also this month we have cut back on sodas (which I could count on my fingers and toes how many I had last year) and sugary drinks. However, I have been seeing all the benefits of teas on pinterest so I picked me up some today.

Last night at my women's book club I had some honey chai and it was so wonderful!

Another healthy snack is applesauce. I love the homemade apple sauce I make here and it cuts down the sugar even more. My last batch I made with agave nector and YUMO! I actually liked the taste better than the brown sugar.

Little changes are going good in our house so far. Lots of water, veges, and exercise(well more than none).
Another great change in my life is that I am no longer taking the devil pill (aka birth control)! I know that it stays in one's system for some time after taking it but I feel so much better. The only thing I didn't think about was the painful and dreaded cramps that creep up on you for hours upon hours in the mornings....oh well. This morning I just laid and waited it our while sipping some herbal.tea and looking at pinterest. I froze all my bananas or I would have been downstairs munching on some. I've heard those help.

Sewing is coming along nicely...stubbornly...but nicely. I made my first infinity scarf for Aubree. Its a spring scarf and she BETTER like it and WEAR it always!
no but really...

This past weekend we had the most wonderful day date. Sunday was absolutley gorgeous outside so we decided to go for a motorcycle ride along the coast to North Shore. I loved it! We stopped at China Man's Hat park and watched a little girl fly her kite then we drove around Koulua Ranch where they have horseback rides and the Jurassic Park tours. We drove up throught the mountain and then watched some North Shore surfing. We stopped in the Historic Haliewa town and ate some fresh sandwhiches before we drove up to Dillingham. Dillingham is where they have small planes that fly and people sky dive out of them. Also, there is a wind surfing beach there where we stopped and watched all of these parachute surf riders ride the waves. There was a golden retriever there. Made the scene perfect.
Rode back home and saw the huge wind mills, sugar mills, macadamia nut farms, and the pineapple farms. Drove ahead of this huge rainstorm and made it back in time to watch Once Upon a Time!
 I mean to tell you it was wonderful! The whole trip was about 6 hours but totally worth the sore bum!

China Man's Hat park

Kualua Ranch Park

North Shore Windmills

Haliewa Historic Town

North Shore Pipe Line

Saturday we went and saw the Grey. Ughhh..I hate that movie. Nothing good to say about it except that I thought the wolves were pretty. Well when they weren't eating people. HATED IT! RUINED MY DAY. We were about to get up and leave after about 30 min. but I didn't want to waste our money so I just burried my face in Jakes shirt and cried my way though it.
BUT....lessoned learned. I mean it ranks up there with My Dog Skip and Little Nemo.

Jake kinda liked it. Probley because of all the blood shed and horrible ending. He's such a man.

I always feel as if I need to end my posts with some ending of my day or week but I really don't know what else to say. Its only 12'oclock in the afternoon here so I'm gonna go off and enjoy the rest of the day!

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