Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sewing Machines :)

So last week my mom called and said she had a suprise coming to me in the mail and that it was a sewing machine!!
I already have my sewing room set up and have the DVD How To instructional video ready to be played.
Brother 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Alphabet Font-SQ9050
I'm pretty excited as you could probley imagine!!! I have been on pinterest nonstop trying to find some projects that I want to do!

another good burp cloth tutorial  Spring Infinity Scarf tutorial  DIY Therapy sacks-tutorials such a cute idea!

Oilcloth Lunch Bag  Perfect for child gifts!!  Framed Quilt Squares-Martha Stewart


Quick Quilt      Waterproof Picnic Blanket

There are so many options now available to me! I wish that the only awesome fabric store wasn't on the other side of the island and hidden in China Town. These projects seem pretty 'easy' and hopefully I can start on some baby burp rags for some gifts and for my own :)

Also last week was vegetarian week here. Let me just tell you that everysingle meal that was made was AWESOME! the only meal that I probley wont make again was the black bean soup but thats because it made a whole lot and we are still eating on it 4 days later.

Our bodies are a lot more....regulated...haha...but I don't feel really weak from lack of protiens but we did eat a lot of beans and rice. I LOVED the stuffed speghetti squash.

This past weekend we went to a surfing contest and it was so cool. The waves huge on Saturday! We went out to a little bakery for breakfast and then to the craft store to make a new spring wreath and the Jake suprised me by taking me to the contest. It was packed so we just parked the truck and sat on top of the roof and watched for awhile. We went back Sunday in our bathing suits but it rained the entire time. Jake saw a whale! I missed it. I only saw the aftermath and then it swimming away spraying water from his blowhole. When his mom and grandma were down we went hiking to go see the whales and he saw a whale jump out there too but I missed it! I want to see a whale jump out of the water!! I only see the fins or blowhole water.

Jake had yesterday off so we just stayed at the house. I went to the gym again and came home and spent the afternoon making the wreath. Jake made all of the flowers for it because I could not make them look good for anything.
We ordered some pizza ($10 large pizza Monday Madness!) and watched The Thrill of it All!! I love that movie.
Today he is back to work and I am desperatly needing to go grocery shopping. We are going to have Salmon this week and maybe a chicken breast over the weekend but I do have another week full of vegetables and beans!

Hope everyonoe enjoyed their 3 day weekend!
Can it be Sunday again? I LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME!!!


  1. awesome!! Adam bought me a sewing machine for Christmas!! I am already starting on my first rag quilt!! =)

  2. Um. I need one of those infinity scarves!! : )

    love you!