Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodmorning Goodmorning

Goodmorning everyone! Jake has left for work and I just finished my devotional so I thought I would blog. I am still jet lagged so I wake up entirally way too early and can't go back to sleep. Yesterday I was up at 2:50 AM just sitting there. This morning it was 4:15 which wasn't too bad since Jake went for a run around 5:30. I guess I fell right back to sleep because when he got back home he came and kissed my cheek and started another As Time Goes By episode for me....he's so romantic.
Started the morning off with some fresh pineapple and raspberries. I have been craving some raspberries ever since Sarah's wedding reception. Brent's uncle Marty made the BEST fresh raspberries ever I guess by soaking them in sugar but i just put them with vanilla yogurt and YUMO!

It is beautiful outside today so I may go and clean the garden out since everything has overgrown by leaving it alone since December 12th. Oh well, I have gotten to the point where I really don't care anymore and I am just ready to leave!

I got to skype with my family yesterday as they celebrated having Chase home. It was nice seeing them all again and I felt right at home.
I've been practically obsessed with pinterest and the baby finds on there. I love classic Winnie the Pooh Themed rooms and can totally seeing myself doing that for my future child. I also found this awesome portable fireplace:

$250 compared to thousands... :)
 Wouldn't this be great in the nursery or bedroom? When I was home, one morning I woke up super early and went downstairs to lay in bed with mom. Dad was just leaving to go to work so he tucked me in and turned the fireplace on in their room. It was absolutley wonderful. I went and got all the dogs and accidently woke mom up but we just layed there and enjoyed the morning with the fire going.
I want to have that every morning!

Oh and I found the perfect project I need to do!

Pinned Image
Isn't it beautiful? All you need is 2 king size sheets, a sewing machine, scissors, and patience. This would be a great project!

Well now I am wanting to go scour Pinterest again so I'm gonna get off of here. Hope everyone is rooting for the Hogs today!

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  1. =) thank you for sharing about that special time with your momma. what a sweet memory that is and will be for the rest of your life. love it. also i love ruffles and that bedspread/comforter/duvet/whatever it is, is beautful. AND (haha) i could ABSOLUTELY see you using classic Winnie the Pooh for your nursery, just precious. hugs friend.