Thursday, January 26, 2012

Car Sales

So I have a story.
We put our Xterra up for sale Monday and have recieved 2 phone calls about it. Yesterday, while I was at the beach, Jake tells me that someone is interested in looking at the car that night but they don't know their way around the island. Jake suggests meeting them half way at a Walmart. We don't ever go to walmart because it uses about $20 in gas just to get there for one car. But Jake is kind and the couple were new to the island and interested. So we take both cars in case they want to take home the Xterra. I was nervous because I had to drive in traffic on a 4 way lane highway at night. But I was in a good mood. We get there and wait. and wait.
Jake called the couple to see if they may have gotten lost or was running a little late. Turns out they thought they had called us two hours ago to cancel the meeting. Needless to say I was so mad. $35 down the drain just in gas and a wasted hour and a half. Jake on the other hand was so nice and understanding. He was polite and a total sweetheart. This infuriated me! I just sat there and looked at him. How could he be so understanding? How is he not getting mad? MOST people would have maybe sworn, gotten angry, or who knows what else with those people on the phone...not my husband. He told them no worries and to have a good evening!!!
I jumped out of the car and into the Xterra dreading the drive home in the dark. During this time I had about 45 minutes to think. Talking on the phone is illegal so I prayed and thought.
Why did I get so mad? Yes I hated the fact that we wasted the evening and threw away money but why didn't I rejoice over the fact at what a wonderful man I married? He is so kind and patient and all I did was fume!
I know there was a purpose for the situation last night and if the only purpose was to remind me of how blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful man, then that should is enough.
God tells us to rejoice in all circumstances and that He has His purposes. Latley I have been really trying to see that and last night was just another situation where I had an oppurtunity to glorify Him or act like a 2 year old brat.
So I will approach the next phone call and meeting differently and hopefully each situation that presents itself to me with a little more kindness and patience like my beloved husband.

the end

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