Monday, January 9, 2012

The Weekend!

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This past weekend was so wonderful based on the fact that Jake and I had a show marathon.
Not just any show marathon.
I mean there are a few movies/shows that I will actually say I love:
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
As Time Goes By
and now....
Once Upon a Time

Yes. It's that good to make my list. The first time I saw it was on the airplane back in June where I watched the first two episodes. At the time I thought it was this amazing movie that I wanted to watch over again but didn't know anything about. Then on my last flight where I was throwing up the entire time in the airplane's restroom, this show calmed me down and helped me make it through that horrible 6 hour flight.

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When I came back home my Aunt Sandy and Chanel asked me if I had ever seen it and I was just amazed how it kept coming back up in my life. I knew I was meant to see more. Oh goodness. Now for the next 6 weeks I can keep watching it!!!!
You can watch all 7 episodes for free at ABC's website. DO it. Now.

Before the amazing marathon; however, I had an incident. An incident that involved a VERY hot pepper, lips, milk, and vegetable oil. I was making this white bean soup (SO GOOD and I will share recipe) and 'thought' I had bought a regular pepper like the kind my dad grows out in the yard. The green kind. I forgot the name. Well anywase I washed it and cut it open and took a bite. At first I was like,''hmmm this is a bit hot.." and then went to go get my thawed out chicken to cut up. Then it happened. I have only had this intense pain once before in my life and it was in the second grade. We had a ethnic food day and each student was supposed to bring some type of food that characterized their ethnic class assignment. My best friend at the time had some 'pickle' juice in a styrofoam cup. I told her I drank 'pickle' juice all the time and could I have a swig? She looked at me and said, "are you sure?" I told her I did it all the time. So I took a HUGE gulp. It was jalepeno juice people. It scarred me. I spent the rest of the class under a water fountain.
Anywase back to Saturday. I stood there cutting up chicken when the intense pain hit. I grabbed my gatorade and it emptied so fast I'm suprised I didn't throw up. I called Jake and he just looked at my lips which had swollen up at this point. He asked me why I looked like that and why anyone would take a big bite out of a Anaheim chile.... he poured me some milk and I literally just stuck my face in the glass. It helped but only when my face was submerged. He looked online and found that rubbing vegetable oil over the area would help. I was up for anything. I got me some vegetable oil and rubbed the heck out of my lips, nose, chin, it seemed to hurt everywhere.
In a matter of minutes the extreme pain lessened to an unatural burning numbing sensation and then it stopped. Jake kept asking me why I was frantically rubbing the oil all over me instead of just my lips but I didn't care IT WAS WORKING!
So if this ever happens to you go grab the vegetable oil!
Just realize the next day your face will break out all over but its totally worth it.

Yesterday we went to church and came back home to watch the rest of the episodes of Once Upon a Time. Yesterday morning I finally woke up and hit the gym. I could literally hear the angels singing Hallelujah while walking to the gym. I felt so good afterwards. Showers just seem to be so much better after going to the gym. Last year, earlier on in the year, I would go to the gym every day. But then I went home and got out of the habit. When I came back I never went again. Then my little bit of depression came along and weight watchers came and THAT was just wonderfully pleasant.
Hopefully I will go again today. My thing is is that I will have to do my hair all over again.
I know....pathetic.

This week starts our vegetarianism trial. Hopefully it will be great! I'm really excited to see how our bodies react. I am still drinking tons of water! Well a lot more than I used to. I could go an entire day without drinking anything. Each day. Maybe a cup of tea for lunch. That was it. But I feel so good after this past week and drinking at least 8 glasses a day.

I am trying the Sassy Water this week as well.
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  • 8 cups of water plus a little (2 Liters)
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon, very thinly sliced
  • A Dozen or So small spearmint leaves.

    Sassy water is an easy way to increase weight loss as part of a weight loss system. Help yourself by adding this mix to your daily routine. Before you go to bed, slice the lemon and cucumber, grate the ginger, and snip off some fresh spearmint leaves. Put everything in the same pitcher and stir a little.

    Any weight loss system is partially about discipline and routine. This part of the routine is easy ... just let it sit. If you get it done the night before, the flavors will mix overnight, and your drink will be cold, refreshing and ready to go the next day. 


  • A weight loss system always begins with a principle (drink 8 glasses), moves through discipline (routines), but always ends in execution ... nothing helps if you don't do it. The pitcher provides an easy way to keep track of your water intake. If you drink it all, you drink it all. Some people prefer to strain out the water before drinking to remove the rinds and grains that have not been absorbed.


    I hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday! I'm so excited that I didn't have to go back to school today!!!!!


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