Saturday, May 28, 2011


 So before I post any pictures I want to give a little back-history on why my family most likely did this project. My sisters, mom, and I have fallen in love with this little store in Eureka Springs called Something Simple. It is in this little Victorian house and everything in the store is homemade, antique white-washed, or old fashioned and beautiful. When you walk up the stairs in this little shop you walk into the most precious little white bedroom that belongs in a magazine or old movie.
I realized after Aubree and I left that momma would need some projects to keep her occupied. She has cleared a lot of the brush that is next to our house and has planted so many flowers and gardens that it is absolutely beautiful and you feel like you walked into the Secret Garden. I knew she was keeping busy with Sarah and the little house, the vegetable garden, and painting some "things" but I had no idea what she and my sisters had been doing while I have been away! After I got home the other day we walked around the yards and through Sarah's little house before we made it back to the house. I had thought something was up because mom and Sarah kept whispering back and forth all the way back from Tulsa. When we walked upstairs I saw some of my furniture displayed out in the hallway and was thinking, "What? Why is my dresser and nightstand in the hallway?" and mom just looked at me with this smile. So I opened my door and saw THIS!

 Before, my room had been a classic brown with cream trip. I had only decorated with some guitars and it was pretty much just an average room. But NOT ANYMORE!

 Apparently, my family has been antiquing non-stop for whatever they believed would look great in Emily's new room. She found this shelf at the antique store by the Sonic outside of Brooken Hill.

 Sarah painted this coffee table we have had since we were probley born and found that little dress in an antique store. They also painted that mirror white that we had around the house.

 That bouquet of coffee filter flowers was used as my practice bouquet before my wedding. Mom bought me the little jewerly box and put one of her tea cup sets on the table. I made those fabric flowers for a Martha Stewart tree for my wedding. They arranged those little fabric flowers around the room. I also have an oil warmer that was set on the table and now my room smells like fresh pink grapefruit. The oils were made by Brent's grandmother.
 Mom bought these shutters, painted them, and nailed them into my desk. She also nailed that back picture frame into the desk for a back drop. On top, she used a drawer for a planting pot!

 each morning I wake up in a Princess Room now...I love the little white chair she found in another antique store and the doily that was placed as the chair cover.
 I had purchased that mirror/vanity at Hobby Lobby after graduation and it was just a regular brown. However, Sarah fixed it up to look like it does now. Aubree painted my entire room in an Iced Pink.

 Love the real flower and little gloves...

 They took some older picture of Aubree, Sarah, Dustin, and me and had them printed in black and white. Found a board and tacked them up on some clothes pins...
Love the new cast iron head board, netting, and beveled mirror that was all painted white.

I can't even describe in words how blessed I feel to have had such a home warming welcome and I feel so loved by my family. I can't get enough of all the little details they went through to make everything so perfect and precious for me. Aubree also took out everything in my closet and organized everything! She made a new bookshelf in my closet and it feels like I have my own personal library now! I mean, who's family does this!? Apparently mine and I never want to take them for granted EVER!
Thank you guys so much for the wonderful surprise!

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  1. wow!! the room looks great! excited to see you have a blog - I'll be following!