Friday, May 13, 2011

Here Comes the Sun....

Pyramid Beach
 The other day I wrote a wonderful blog and was just about to post it when this blessed blogger stopped working and I lost all of my work. SO instead of typing everything out, I wanted to tell you the highlights from the past couple of days. I spent all day thursday at the beach and burnt the back of my knees up to my rear end completely off. I couldn't even walk properly; as a matter of fact, I STILL can't walk properly. I blame it entirally on my friend Rachel Griffith because she kept me to preoccupied on the phone to realize I needed to spray myself! So the next morning I preceded to feel the full benefits of a blister sun burnt when I went downstairs to start my sprinklers. While I was adjusting the water so that my neighbors car wouldn't get completley drenched, my neighbor decided to take her trash out at the same time. I knew I had to move the sprinklers before she got drenched but I couldn't move fast enough, I pretty much just fell on the spot while I watched in horror as sheets of water poured all over her! I tried to explain how sorry I was, but she is asian and I don't know how much english she understands. I came to this conclusion because once I made her some homemade brownies and took them over to her house. Well, she answered the door but would not open the screen door. I had to try to explain that the cookies were for her and her daughters while she just stared at me.
ANYWASE, my husband comes home today from his training 'thing' and I am so excited to see him. He will probley point and laugh at my sunburnt face but thats ok because his is just as bad. I mean, I have a white sunglasses outline around my eyes!
Yesterday, I went out to cut some flowers for our frontroom and saw three red cardinals playing in the sprinklers outside. I was reminded of the hundreds of little hummingbirds we would have play around on our backdeck and throughout our pasture. I love summertime at our house. Well the summertime that isn't 100 degrees everyday, but the time of year when you have little black angus babies running around the pasture, and lightening bugs crawling all over your window and frogs and coyotes singing to you each night. I love looking out my window seeing all the flowers my momma planted earlier on and be in full bloom! I can't wait to sit around our house and watch my dad 'check-up' on the cows and listen to the MASH theme song or Harry Potter playing in the background while playing with Pumpkin and Shroder. I took all of that for granted when I was home. I love being married here with Jake, but sometimes I miss my family so much! My mom just changed my ticket to come home a bit earlier since Jake's PTA training dates were moved because she didn't want me staying here any longer by myself. My momma is so wonderful.
I also get little care packages from her every so often and my all time favorite gift is a little figurine of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. She said it reminded her of me and my lovey but each time I look at it, it reminds me of her love for me. I now try to have a theme with the cards I send home to include Pooh Bear and Piglet.

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart"
 Jake's wedding band came in! Whenever I decide to get off my burnt bum, I am going to go pick it up! He has been wearing my 2006 State Championship Beta Club ring and really, I don't see why we bought another ring, That ring fits him just fine and looks just like a wedding band! Oh well, we will know next time!

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