Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Tire and The Nail

Remember the other day when Jake and I went riding along the Makupa? Well, after Jake came back from his training 'thing' he found a HUGE NAIL sticking in one of his tires and it is now flat. I'm not going to lie, I was really down about it. I mean, each month it seems like we have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on repairs for either the car or motorcycle. I haven't let it get to me until today. Jake and I have been trying to put back money for our future "whatever that may hold" and it seems like the Dave Ramsey little percentiles for each category is NOT cutting it. I understand that buying a used car brings along expenses and motorycle tires and check-ups aren't cheap but... REALLY!? So whenever we found out about this, which was last night, I was pretty down. We've been cutting back on so much it seems like. So yet again I find myself having a pity party. Thats when I read about the Shunamitte Woman in 2 Kings. This woman was a wealthy woman who used her kindness and wealth to help the prophet Elisha. Elisha felt so welcomed in her house and her gifts of hospitality that he wanted to bless her in some way, he promised her she would be with child in about a year. She didn't ask for anything because she was CONTENT with what she had. One day, her little boy was sick with a fever and died. She exclaimed to her husband that everything will be alright. Elisha gave a promise from God to give her that little boy. She walked 25 miles to the prophet knowing everything would be alright. Through Elisha, God raised that little boy up from the dead.
I learned two main lessons from that woman. First, be content with what you have and share with others. Second, God keeps His promises. His Word never fails. I know God has promised me a future and hope. I can't worry about next year and all the plans I have stored on my little budget sheet or written in my mind. God has a different plan. I should KNOW THIS! God feeds the birds of the air, clothes the lillies of the fields, and gives grass and grain as a harvest. I don't add any time to my life by worrying or complaining. Jake and I are so blessed with what we have and it is sad to admit that I continually saying in my mind, well a little more will make as more secure. NO! I have to stop. My husband is the calmest man alive. He looks at me and says "Rejoice in the Lord and be glad" while I'm thinking "please shut-up". But he is so right. I am encouraged reading about the Shunamitte woman, Rizpah, Tamar, and Rahab. They are lights of patience and strength that I pray in the Lord to have.

Tonight Jake is replacing the back tire, which he fixed by himself and saved us at least $200 because he is a man that knows his motorcycle business. He looks so cute working on it. We did have to buy a motorcycle jack but I'm just looking at that as an investment. I made some split pea soup with ham tonight and am really looking forward to trying it. I also made some banana nut pancakes you can read about on my recipes tab this morning and they were so good! We picked up Jake's wedding band today and it is beautiful. We also watched a bunch of second graders try to play this song on their ukuleles and they were pretty good. There was about 25 all together. Before them, some children had a skit with zebra and lion headdresses portraying the Circle of Life song from the Lion King.
I am so excited to find out that my sister, Aubree, is learning to cook! She even made a menu this week that pretty much outdid mine and can't wait to hear the reviews. Especially her zucchini enchiladas! Yum! When I go to the grocery store, I'm astounded by people who go through the aisles and just throw in what they think would be ok for dinner throughout the week and spend hundreds of dollars at the register! I just kinda stare in disbelief. I mean, I know I did that with my mom at walmart, but that was with my mom. I can't do that here in Hawaii where everything costs an arm and a leg. I have found it to be so important to make a menu ahead of time so that you wont just grab everything in site and go back home and try to plan dinners around whatever you grabbed. Now this may just be me. We rarely eat fast food. RARELY eat fast food. But, I can understand why people go to Mcdonalds because its like 4 bucks for a dinner compared to the $1.50 tomato I just had to buy in the grocery store. This just seems messed up to me. Oh well, I'm getting off my soap box now and am going downstairs to watch my hubby fix the bike!

He's such a great man :)

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