Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anniversary Day

Today was Jake and my one year anniversary after entering into a covenant marraige. We didn't celebrate 'hugely' or anything. I got a wonderful card from by Aunt Sandy, Uncle Shotgun, and Chanel and felt so loved!
We went to church this morning and listened to the most wonderful of songs sang my friend Annie. It was the song What Do I Know of Holy by Addison Road. It was so wonderful. After church, we went to Kailua and looked around at a couple of little organic baby boutiques for some gifts but didn't find anything we liked very much. It made me want to have a baby so much! I can't wait until Jake and I are settled and having babies. Afterwards, we went over to Mexican Lindos and had some lunch. It isn't anything like El Palenque but it is SO good!
I am so excited to say that our gas here on base has gone down to $4.19! Last week it was $4.38. Jake and I only put $40 a week in our car. If we are running low on gas, we stay home, if we are keeping the little gauge ahead of the Empty signal, we feel great! So that was big news for us.

We came home and took probley a 2 hour nap. I just remember waking up at 4 and couldn't believe it! I then watched Jake play C.O.D for a couple of hours. We just finished eating some leftover Split Pea soup and enjoyed it very much. I probley won't be making it again for awhile but it was good while it lasted. We are now snuggled up on our couch watching An Affair to Remember. This is such a GREAT movie! I am so excited to see all of my friends when I get back home! It is very hard here to make friends. I took my friends for granted when I was home and want to savor each moment I have with them. I am also VERY EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY! I just saw my mom and dad a couple of weeks ago but it seems like forever since I have seen my sisters. I will have a whole week with them both when I get home and it is going to be so nice.

Happy Anniversery Jake!

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  1. LOVE your wedding pic! Absolutely beautiful! And your more recent one is just as precious! Congrats on one year! :)