Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday equals Grocery Day

Each Sunday I sit down to create a grocery list and a weekly menu. Sometimes I look forward to this and other times I would just rather fill in most of the days with question marks. Jake and I are practicing the Dave Ramsey Month by Month Budget form and are really trying to stay within each percentile. I have found out that it is much less expensive to go to the grocery store on a full stomach, grocery list in hand, calculator in hand, and a little envelope full of wonderful coupons. I am not an avid coupon cutter; however, I do subscribe and clip as often as I can. It is hard trying to stay within the budget since the price of groceries and gas keeps rising. I am yet reminded of all the years where I NEVER had to worry about this type of thing. Jake HATES grocery shopping. I continuely ask him to join me because I like the fact that I can. After spending months and months without a husband by my side, I learned not to take any time away from him for granted. However, he comes along to push the cart and carry in the groceries when we get back home. We also do not buy snacks of any kind other than almonds, granola, or fruit. Sunday's also tend to be laundry day. I try to do laundry only twice a week to be more energy efficient and also because we had to pay a huge electric bill last month. Jake asked me last week if I could use more of the fabric softener on his clothes because he liked them "extra" soft. I thought that was so sweet! As a wife, I am learning to pay extra attention to what my husband likes or needs. Such as what kind of toothpaste is the best for his teeth? What kind of jams does he like? Deoderant? Soap? Fruits? Pillows? Socks? I know this seems so silly but I really strive to be a wife that studies and learns about her husband. I love waking up and fixing him a healthy breakfast to get him through his morning. I love putting out warm towels, fresh flowers, home baked cookies, and having the house smell good when he walks through the door. I am just constantly learning and loving every minute of being a wife.
Today was Mothers Day! My family is sort of waiting to celebrate Mothers Day in a few weeks when all of us girls will be home. I am really fortunate to have the type of mother that I ahve. Without her, I....well....I can't and don't want to imagine. We skyped and I watched her eat a strawberry snowcone from home and listened to Sarah talk about something or another. We then skyped Jake's family and I saw his brother with a HUGE BEAST on his face. Today was just kind of one of those days where we sat curled up in an old quilt and watched movies and the rain all day. I never want to take these types of days for granted. The first full week of summer starts tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I will be spending it on the beach with a good book in my hand.

Unpacking some groceries...story of my life! haha

He's so proud of this bike

Of course all the kids on the street wanted to watch. Apparently we are extremely interesting.

Time for some Chicken Pot Pie!


    I looooove that I can keep up with you this way!

    Love this post, it's wonderful and "romanticle" (made up word).

  2. Jeremy and I do the Dave Ramsey plan too! It was difficult to stick to it at first because it seemed so strict..but it's crazy how much money it really does save us each week!! And I'm so glad that you are a grandma at heart...I love lace, fresh flowers, and all old-timey things. Hope you have a great've got a great line-up for dinner this week. Love it!