Monday, August 22, 2011

Whats in your Grocery Cart?

Remember my post awhile back ago where I said that my goal each week is to strive to be under $100 when I go to the grocery store? Well I should have realized that is not possible. To give myself some credit, I do add cleaning supplies, toiletries, detergents and soaps, and other house hold items to that purchase each week so I am trying to tell myself that that is ok. I am realizing that while we are trying to live healthier lifestyles by the things we eat, we have to sacrifice in the money we spend. I want to do a segment on what is in my grocery cart each week that stands out the most (things I usually never buy and should I have bought them this wee?) I have already put all my grocery items away today or I would have put a picture up. This week my main items that I purchased that I usually never purchase includes-a package of greek yogurt, 2 packs of blueberries (they were on sale :) ), panko crumbs, and goat cheese. Now, this may be utterly boring to you all but I want to really keep a record of things I choose to buy. You will NEVER find soda, cookies, really yummy snacks, chips, debbie cakes, alcohol,or candy in our grocery cart. Why? First of all, that is too much money to spend on that stuff. Second of all, we don't need it. Since January, I have made a commitment not to have that stuff in our house. It is not good for us and we will not eat it. Jake wishes we would have some kind of snack sometimes but after he eats it he says, "Emily, don't buy this or I will eat it all." We have chosen to live a different life I guess from the majority of the people. Anywase, sometimes I see something I think, "Hey, that looks great! We should try that!" Spend a lot of money on it and then don't eat it. Like...extra apples, salad, toritilla chips, cream, etc. Notice, none of that stuff is necessarily bad for you. I just buy it then we don't eat it!
I guess I am just writing out what is on my mind.
Jake is gone so I am aloud to do this because I am bored.
I have had a friend over today and am cooking dinner for her tonight. My house smells SO GOOD because I have a weight watchers vanilla pound cake baking in the oven and am about to pop in some coconut chicken for our salad later. There is a precious little girl curled up in a quilt sleeping on our couch while her momma is at the doctor and I am sitting here thinking, "I want to have babies!!" I would love to start trying next year but really am not wanting to have children unless I am near my momma. Not across the Pacific.
Jake is leaving pretty soon for 10 AWFUL DAYS so my mom is sending me crafts to keep me busy. I have found a couple of signs I want to make for the holidays coming up:

isn't that cute!
Or maybe something like this:
Painted Razorback Canvas

I also love this one with the wooden letter on it and just glued on and painted over:

I have 3 canvas'. I love this Christmas Canvas on Pinterest with the lights behind it:

Anywho, I think I hear someone waking up in the next room. I'll will write soon! Hope everyone has been having a great first day of school....UGhhhh

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  1. As crazy as this sounds,I try not to spend over 60 a wk on our groceries. I sometimes go over. That does include the cleaning & toiletries. I know things are alot more expensive over there though.
    I love the crafts! I may have to steal the Christmas idea. That is TOO CUTE!!!!!