Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hi Ya

Hello Everyone! First off, I wanted to show everyone Aubree's own variation of the Ribbon Wreath. She used block lettering and a wood plank instead of canvas. I think its really cute.

Its been a little exciting in our little part of the world. I seem to be making some friends! Slowly but surely. The other week it felt like I hit an all time low and was so home sick I was literally sick. I seemed to just cry throughout the day and have myself a pity party in our closet on one afternoon. Anywase, I was so frustrated that I just cried out to God and asked him a HUGE favor, "Please, Lord send me just one person. One person I will be able to call a friend!" Well I want everyone to know that not only was Jake and I invited out to dinner last friday but I was invited to the beach with the Pantling family one morning, got to keep jake all last week, and had coffee and breakfast with one of my neighbors another morning! I also got to spend the day with the little girl I babysit sometimes and spend a little time with her mom that afternoon. I want everyone to know that this to me is a HUGE blessing. My week was so great. Jake and I had the absolute best time Friday. The couple we went with and their friends and family quoted the movie Hot Rod half of the night with Jake and Surfs Up also! Jake loves spending his evenings with friends quoating movies. Its just something that makes him happy. I got to share my faith again to my neighbor and explain to her why we don't drink. haha.
I loved spending my entire week with jake -the gorgeous lab-

Today I went to this beautiful beach on the base and spent a complete 45 minutes having it all to myself...

I'm SOO excited for Sarah because she just got a job a Pier 1! I'm so happy for her. So far she loves it and I really can't wait to see her, and Aubree, and momma, and daddy in October.
I absolutly HATE that school is starting Monday. I keep telling myself that its only 2 more classes then I will finally be done with my Bachelor's Degree PRAISE THE LORD. Jake leaves for a PTA Pre-Training Monday and then leaves again for a couple of weeks in September on his birthday which is really awful. This will be the 3rd birthday in the last 4 years he has spent his birthday alone. I hate that I will be here by myself again but hopefully I can spend time making friendships!
Jake and I are still praying about some future decisions. One of them includes buying a car. I want to wait until we can pay for the car almost in full (like Dave Ramsey recommends) but I also hate spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars fixing up our car. Kinda in a bind. Some days we are wanting to re-enlist, other days we are wanting to go home. We are really wanting to follow God's Plan because that would be the better option. haha

I wanted to end with the funniest picture I have seen in a long time. While Aubree was on Pinterest today, little Linus was up to no good in the front room....

Awww..look at that face!
Hope everyone has checked out my family page today to join in on some of my memories. They sure are good :)

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  1. I know how hard it can be trying to make friends in a foreign place. It can be discouraging at times, but I'm glad you're starting to get acquainted with people. That's exciting! I need to go visit Sarah at Pier 1. I'm sure she looks cute in her apron!