Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday in the Park...

Today has been so incredibly wonderful. I want everyone to know that I have such an amazing husband. He is so kind to me all the time. Yesterday he had to go get two fillings in his mouth and during his busy morning he had the idea of wanting to get me a standmixer. Even though I decided I didn't really 'need' one at this exact moment he was thinking about me. He went to go pick up flowers with me to replant our little garden and he is so full of compliments. I wonder if he realizes how wonderful he is.
First off I planted the new flowers we got yesterday and made the yard look nice and fresh. We gathered some of our wedding giftcards and headed out to Walmart this afternoon. We picked up a wreath to decorate for the Fall season (even tho Hawaii has only 2 seasons-wet and dry-), some Paula Dean cooking utensils, a zester, and a beautiful blender! We then went to Red Lobster because we had a couple of gift cards and wanted to go out for a treat and had a wonderful crab feast!
Jake leaves tomorrow for a couple of days to go off for some training so I will be alone. I am going to try to find some new recipes to try out. I have been watching so much of FoodNetwork I am inspired. I love Giada At Home and Paula Dean. I wish there was a strict health show, there probley is but I am just now getting used to the tv show times.
I have fallen in love with this amazing yogurt I believe everyone should try:
mmmmm this is so creamy and full of goodness!
I also received some amazing care packages last week from Aubree and my momma. I got some new canvas' that I am trying to find some ideas to do with for the upcoming holidays or for just some decor. Aubree and Chase sent me the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on BLUE RAY! Yes this is amazing! Thanks momma for the pinto beans, paint and craft supplies, and goodies! Thanks Chase for the fire starter :)

Sorry for the short post but I am enjoying a night of movies with my handsome HUSBAND!

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