Monday, August 1, 2011

We Finally Caved In...

Thats right, after over 1 year of not having television, Jake and I finally caved in and purchased Direct TV. Thankyou Aubree for the peer pressure/wisdom/guidance/encouragment! ha. We are pretty excited because now I don't have to make a trip to the gym to watch the news, wait till phone calls in case of tsunamis, and see huge events appear only on the tv while getting a haircut. Also the main reason why we caved is because of the new package where you get the NFL ticket for free. I wanted Jake to be happy and now we can be able to watch the games when the season starts. Also I can't wait for some AMERICAN PICKERS! The man on the phone asked me to name off certain channels to give him an idea of what we liked and all I mentioned was PBS, Hallmark, and the channel with American Pickers! I'm not joking.
Besides purchasing cable, Jake and I had an amazing time last friday with this family from church. I was so bummed because we were supposed to go eat at 5:30 and Jake wasn't even done with work at 5:30. They live about 30 minutes away on Ford Island. I was so embarrased to call but they were completley understanding. When you are in the military, even simple plans can go hay-wire and I didn't have to make excuses or anything because they understood. It was so refreshing to have someone understand our situations! She made us Filet Mignons, sweet potatoes, homemade bread and lemonade. Not to mention giving us a candle and more sryup! This family is such a blessing. The wife collects Fiesta Ware because her husband was stationed on the USS Virginia. I guess that is where the dishes are manufactored so they get 50% off! I am hopeing to go down to the Kailua Antique store and see if I can find a little piece to add to their collection for being so kind to Jake and I. Saturday we were wanting to have a great day of hiking and picnicking but of course, Jake had duty Saturday and Sunday morning so hopefully next weekend we can have our hike.
Jake's brother is coming down for Thanksgiving and we are so excited for that. 10 months would have gone by by the time they would have seen one another and I'm so happy. Jake will have about 4 days off to spend time with Heath. I am a little nervous because it will be my  first thanksgiving meal I would have to prepare but thats another 4 months away.
I have lost 1 lb since doing this monosaturated fat incorporator in a week, which is more than I can say from being on the WW for 6 weeks. BUT, I am pretty excited. Lame, I know but pretty excited all the same.
I began a new devotional while I am waiting for this book club/bible study. I read several people's blogs or facebooks where they mentioned Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and I remembered having a few devo's at LifeWay from her book. I love it. Each morning after Jake leaves for work, I really want to be intentional about the time I spend with the Lord and the time I take away from house chores, grocery shopping, or other preparations and dedicate that specific time to the Him.
I also am currently reading Karen Kingsbury Redemption Series:

I CANNOT put this series down. Praise the Lord for the mother that I have and for putting the next book on my Kindle each time I finish one. I have done nothing but sit here on the couch and read each book. A new 'friend' of mine is moving down the street on Wednesday and I am really hoping to be able to spend more time with her and her precious little girl. Jake and I are going to take them a meal on Wednesday and hopefully make them feel welcomed.
Sorry for the long delay on the blog!

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  1. I don't know how you've survived without American Pickers for so long! haha. Love that show! I've heard about that devotional, too. I might have to buy it!