Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lanikai Hill and Cinnamons

Today was absolutly wonderful. It began around 5:15 when I rolled over and saw that Jake was already awake and reading something on CNN. We got up and got ready for our sunrise/morning/refreshing hike up Lanikai. While driving to the hike everything felt so much like it does early in the morning in Greenwood. Well, maybe not this 'particular' summer, but most other summers. I usually am not outside that early so I take the beauty for granted each day. Jake sees it 5/7 days a week so it probley doesn't excite him as much. We got there and began the journey. This hike overlooks Kailua and Lanikai and has 2 WWll bunkers that you hike up to. 
If you look real good you can see the tiny building at the top. The hike was a bit scary for me because on each side every so often was a drop off but we made it! When we got to the top bunker, we sat on the top of it and just watched the rain fall on the ocean. We sat there and watched the rain come towards us and so we stayed in the bunker until it stopped. It was SO COOL imagining what used to be happening in that bunker and Jake would point at where the men would keep watch and where things would have been in the inside such as the cannon or communication set-up. He got upset with me because I could not get over my fear of climbing down the ladder so I kinda just squirmed in through one of the windows. Haha. The hike continued on around the top of the mountains but we decided to head on back down because it was getting pretty hot. God even blessed the morning with a beautiful rainbow!

Look at that rain coming in...

The water is so blue!

Inside the bunker watching the rain

This is my honey

He was still kinda making fun of me over the ladder incident

Kailua and MCBH Kanoehe a.k.a home

A Beautiful Promise
 When we got back to the car we drove down into Kailua and went to this little resturant out by the antique store I go to. The place is called Cinnamons and they are known for their red velvet pancakes!

They were filled with cream cheese people! I of course couldn't order them (stupid diet) but Jake let me try his and they would have made me SICK! I had some egg beaters and one of their buttermilk pancakes and it was just as fantastic! We then came home (around 9! haha) and got back into our comfy clothes and began our all day marathon of Top Shot. This show is so good! We LOVE having tv. They did put this beautiful huge white dish in our front yard with a lovely black tarp under it that matches everything so well *sarcasm* but we are thankful!
Later on we went to Ross's which is 'kinda' like TJ Max (but not) and got couple of things for the kitchen. I have been wanting to make some type of Razorback wreaths for the front door and saw that my mom pinned a CUTE one from Etsy on her Pinterest board, hopefully mine will look just as cute as this one and I will post about it!

Anywase, hope everyone has enjoyed their Saturday and I will hopefully be posting soon on this new craft project. I also made this amazing WW stew and will post the recipe as well!

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  1. Wow! What a view! You must feel like you're on vacation every day there. That wreath is SO cute! I want one!