Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too Shy for the Pew

Today I was able to play the guitar again for FBC Greenwood. I was reminded how important it is to serve within your church family. I have been struggling so much with not having any personal friends at Kaneohe and spending each day alone. It has made me accustomed to being by myself other than being with Jacob. I love being with Jake each day and being with him as much as I can. However, it would be nice to have friends who don't curse every other word and believe a good time involves alcohol. Here, I can easily find a few couples who could provide accountability and fellowship.  But who I am to keep saying I don't have a purpose where we are at?
Jake and I became members of International Baptist Church in Oahu Hawaii a couple of months ago. We have been thinking about serving in the childrens area which would be a little out of my comfort zone because I am so used to serving with youth, music, or nursery. I also hardly know any one within our new church family besides the women I've grown to know from our Wednesday night study. I still feel a little uncomfortable during 'greeting' time because I am too shy to go out and meet others. Here in Greenwood, I already know so many. I guess, what I am trying to say is that maybe I should look within our new church family and see where I can serve instead of just being concerned about how I should be served.
Today I was able to sit down and enjoy some coffee with two beautiful and wonderful christian sisters. I just sat there and absorbed each moment, not having to worry about a curse word being thrown in my face or a moment where I felt persecurted for my 'silly' beliefs. The most wonderful thing about today was that I am just getting to know these women and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, I felt so at home and comfortable I didn't want to leave. How come I am not too shy around these women but I can't even move an inch within my pew at IBC? I just don't know...

We had a birthday dinner with my family last night. Its my uncle Shotgun and meme's birthday this week.  I then went and had a long conversation with my brother-in-law. I love our conversations because Heath is so different from Jake but then again kinda similar? He always knows what to say that is needing to be said without being completely arrogant. Have a ever  mentioned how wonderful my husband is? He is the most patient man I have ever met! Not to mention the love he shows me each day without having to put any effort into it. He simply has to smile and I know he was the man God made for me. I do not understand why such a magnificant Creator designed such a man for me...but I sure am thankful!

Sarah and I gave Bear his own personal grooming session and saved Sarah a bit of money. It was really fun! Her Bear is such a good puppy and just stood or sat the entire time.

Sarah and I with Tata

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