Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Children are a Blessing...

This morning I was able to babysit two of the most beautiful kids in the entire world! I have fallen in love over the year-s- and while in Hawaii have missed them both so much! Last summer I purchased their little Hawaiin outfits for their birthdays. The store did not have any newborn outfits for little boys so I bought Brock a 12 month one figuring it would look just as cute next year. Now he can finally wear it! Addi wore hers last year and it still looks so precious on her!

Sarah thought it would be fun to add Brock onto the 'horse ride' Don't think he enjoyed it as much

Brock and Bear. I LOVE this picture

Most precious little boy in the entire world

She's a litte stinker sometimes but she sure is cute

So I'm pretty sure she knows how to use my phone better than me...and she's 3

Don't you just love that little outfit?!

They are precious

Tomorrow I leave to go to Omaha to pick up my sister Aubree. We are meeting her there via air travel and then will proceed to drive the many miles from Nebraska back to Greenwood. I have made this trip...hmmm...about 300 times with mission trips and this drive is so BORING! I am glad that I will see Aubree. I guess I will need to pull a Polyanna and make sure I play the "Glad Game" throughout this two day road trip. We will get back in time for Christina's wedding rehearsal and 'shower/party' I am so excited to finally be with all of my friends again all at the same time! I can't remember when we were all together in the same place? But I miss them and can't wait to see Christina get married!

I'm working on a project right now that I am pretty excited about. I can't post pictures just yet because I am wanting to give it as a gift but hopefully it will turn out great.
Has any one read the Sons of Encouragment by Francine Rivers? I am reading the Priest about Aaron, Moses, and the Hebrews and it is such an eye opener. I haven't really ever studied that particular book in the bible because growing up I would always hear about Moses and the Isrealites; however, I love how Francine brings her books to life and am encouraged so much by what a merciful and soverign God I serve. I can't ever believe that He is a different God that he was then and never should take my sins lightly. I may not bow down to a golden calf but I do bow down to idols of emotions and materialistic items. Miriam in the book is so intrigueing. Her guiding her baby brother throught the Nile, dancing and singing with her tamberine after crossing the Red Sea and sin experience with leprosy and healing after sinning against God and hurting Moses. I love this woman because she is strong and zealous. Her sin made her unclean in the eyes of man and God; however, she was still used as a vessel. What an encouragment!

So maybe i'll take some pictures of the corn fields....or maybe not!
Have a great day!

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