Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mrs. Christina Ledbetter!!!

I am so happy I was able to attend Jacob and Christina's wedding last Saturday! I was able to hang out with my friends Friday and Saturday. It felt so refreshing to spend time with them. I have known most of them since the 7th grade. We have grown up making movies together, projects for school, laughing at whatever (such as a little pig running down the street with us on a four wheeler), and have made such amazing memories. I have been across the nation with some of them on mission trips and have been to other countries with them for vacations. I have witnessed them grow stronger in their relationships with Christ over the years, watched them fall in love, marry, and even expect children! I am so fortunate to have the memories and past that I have with them. We didn't party or fall into the world and had a great time being 'who we are'.
Watching Christina stand up there with Jacob brought so many memories to my mind and I seriously just cried like a baby!! I loved sitting downstairs at Jessica's house and listen to everyone's thoughts and dreams. Leslie has just moved back from Chicago and Jessica is soon moving to Alabama while Rachel just got a job in Conway. We have been very blessed to be able to see one another the amount we have considering the fact we live in so many places and do so many things. Next time I hope to see them will be for meeting little Brooks :)

Jessica Caster, Rachel Griffith, Sarah, Leslie "Ware" Wolfe

Love this one of Rachel...

My friends are beautiful!
 I also wanted to share the fact that Jessica has caught Leslie's, Christina's, AND my bouquet! WOW

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