Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Baseball Fields

Because everything around here is WAY TOO expensive, Jake and I like to walk down to the baseball/softball fields down the street and watch the games sometimes. Sometimes we just have to prepare ourselves for the atmosphere which includes smoking, drinking, and swearing BUT we do live on a military base...anywase, we fed jake his dinner, grabbed a beach towl, and headed down to the park. After we were situated in our little area, all these kids wanted to come 'pet' jake. This made me a little nervous because I don't know what type of dog he is with little kids and babies (seriously a 14 something month old 'walked' up to him and was enamored by his teeth). Jake held on tightly to his leash and a sat back and watched. We gave him the command to just sit or lay and he DID, he didn't bark once the entire time and let the kids pet him and hug him. The only time he got aggravated was when a little punk kid had a baseball bat hitting ice towards Jake. I would not have blamed him if he wanted to bite the boy, where was this kids mother!
Anywase, we only stayed for 1 game because Jake is a little allergic to 'jake' and grass and everything besides cows...seriously.

So perfect

Jake was ready to leave at this point I believe
 It's been a little depressing around the Gordon household this past week. Jake has had 3 duties in one week. Being on Duty means you have to stand post somewhere around the barracks for 12 or 24 hour shifts with hardly any breaks in a really uncomfortable uniform. After Jake comes home from duty, he usually wants to catch up on his sleep and then has to head back to work so its kinda just been me with jake for the time being.

Taking a nap after duty
  I 'm so glad this weekend Jake has a 4 day leave so we can finally spend some quality time with each other. Saying all of this, I don't really have anything interesting to blog about other than this dog so I am sorry if you all are getting tired of hearing about him. I have been trying some new recipes this week such as my mom's pinto beans, baked crab cakes, and tonight I am making some cuban rice. The crab cakes were ok but NOTHING like Landry's in Branson. It probley had something to do with the fact that they were baked and made with fat free ingredients :(
I have been learning about King Saul, the Prophet Samuel, and Jonathon and David's relationship. It has really opened my eyes how each life is intertwined and how God did use Saul in the beginning of his reign and what was accomplished during those first few years. I have had a little bitterness towards David and his later years as king because of all the wives he kept taking and passiveness towards the later wars but reading about his youth, songs, and faithfullness towards God's anointed, Saul, I am seeing him in a clearer light.

Well since I am back here in my Hawaiin home, I wanted to start again with my recipes and posting things around the house that I enjoy having. I have found yet another couple of items that I think have made life around here a tad bit easier:

I love my spoon rest. This way whenever I am cooking, I can just lay my dirty utensils on this rest and not have to worry about cleaning the counter or whatever else I would have decided to lay my things on. I also really like having a oil jar handy right on the stove. It makes me use olive oil more often in my cooking instead of butter....and it looks pretty also.
Hope everyone has a great day! Remember to spend some time with our Abba today :)

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  1. Emily I LOVE that picture of Jake and the dog on the couch! SO SWEET!