Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Omaha Nebraska

So I know its about a week late...but I have been so buys I am just now getting a chance to update the blog.
Last week we went on a road trip to go pick up Aubree in Omaha. Aubree was driving down from Minot and we didn't want her to have to drive the entire way by herself. The way there was so tiring as you can tell in this picture. I thought it would a snap of the fingers but it seemed just as long as a trip to Oahu!

When we finally got there we were blessed because we were expecting to have to pay for a cab to take us to our hotel; however, Hilton had a shuttle that came by the airport every 30 minutes for FREE to pick up their guests. Also, they would take you anywhere within 3 miles from the hotel for free. Aubree finally arrived and we just hanged around the room and watched some American Pickers and Ice Road Wars.
The next morning we left bright and early. I drove for the first 2 hours until we found this AMAZING antique store called St. Josephines.

The outside store was amazing! However, we were about 7 hours away from home and with a dog cage in the back of Aubree's car. It was pretty depressing. BUT, if we are ever in north Nebraska we are going back!

This is Linus sleeping on my back while I was trying to rest

Traveling with Linus was fun... he was always in everyones business!

All in all, it was a fun trip. Nobody got carsick or anything! Aubree got us lost somewhere in Kansas City but we found our way out :)

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