Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jake Beauregard

Mr. Jake Beauregard
Good Morning!
I wanted everyone to see what a beautiful and perfect dog Mr. Jake is today. You see, this dog OBEYS! Yesterday morning I went to go drop Jake off at work and we told jake to stay. When I came home he was in the exact spot where we left him and then moved when I said so. When riding in the car, he comes in when we say Load and when wanting to go outside he won't run through the door but wait for our command. He is PERFECT. I love walking with him throughout the day because it gives me something to do and gives me some company. I love looking over and seeing this beautiful creature right next to me. This morning jake came up to Jake and I and just wanted to snuggle. This dog can actually give you hugs back! I know I am probley being way too excited over this dog but really he is truly wonderful. He absolutley loves being with Jake and when Jake does come home, he just wants to be anywhere Jake is.
Yesterday we went and played fetch with him in this park that apparently you can get imprisoned for if someone catches you with a dog. We apparently didn't read all the fine print on this sign and some lady decided to take it upon herself to inform us. What kind of park doesn't let you play fetch with your dog! It might have had something to do with the fact that is was part of Kailua's Yaht Club...

Jake has a four day weekend ahead for us due to the 4th of July! I think we are going to take this beautiful creature out to the beach on Saturday. He sure does love the car rides. We did have to take out the backseats in the Exterra so that dog hair doesn't get everywhere.
My mom bought me a beautiful pyrex dish the other day to go with my collection! I have 3 different sets as of right now and the one she got me I had not seen anywhere before. It will go great with the set my grandmother gave me for my wedding gift!

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