Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodmorning America How Are You...

Well I am back home! It only took about 16+ hours to get here but I am back. The hardest leg of the trip was the 5 hour plane ride where I ended up sitting by a couple who had 5 beers, smelled like smoke and perfume, kept putting her blanketed arm INSIDE MY $900 pathetic seat and kept opening MY window each time I almost fell asleep. But besides that, it went by in a rush.
This will be my 14th Hawaii trip and you would think I would be a pro at the HNL airport by now. Well, after I 'de-boarded' the plane, I headed to my gate which the flight attendant said was 16 and that would lead me to my baggage claim. SO, I headed for gate 24 because that is where she said to turn toward and then make a left down the long corrider to the escalators that would take me down to baggage claims E D and F. I made the left to the gates and ended up at baggage claim H. I should have known better than to trust that woman. If you have ever been to HNL airport, you will know that baggage claim H is on the complete opposite side of the airport from baggage claim D where I had to be. My husband texted me to tell me he was still on the H3 and not even there yet so I pretty much just had myself a good cry and started the trek to D. I then looked everywhere for Jake OUTSIDE where I thought he would be and stood there preparing a good "why weren't you here on time" spat when I see this amazingly goodlooking man walk up beside me. It happened to be my "on-time" husband and in front of everyone (which included two man/woman security guards) kissed me for what seemed like a good 3 minutes :) I was so happy to be home again.
Of course the Marine Corps schedualed Jake for a duty the day I get back so I was to wait one more day till I got to spend time with him. But you know, I was ok with that because I woke up at 3:30 and went to bed at 7.

Yesterday, I had planned to go do my major grocery shopping and was just cringing with the fact of how much money it was going to cost and how upset Dave Ramsey would be when Jake tells me he had already done the major shopping! So I then decide that I should do some cleaning; however, I then see that my husband had already cleaned EVERYTHING! I am so blessed America! So I go into town to do a little grocery shopping and then run over to the base greenhouse for some flowers. My flowers decided to die and turn into what Jake called "Texas Tumbleweeds" while we were away and it was pretty depressing. However, the greenhouse was having a 15% sale on their outdoor/indoor plants so I was pretty content with that purchase. I spent the afternoon weeding and planting and cleaning the yard.

I have been learning about Moses, Aaron, and Caleb while reading the books of Numbers and Joshua and LOVE what I am learning. First off, I did NOT know Miriam was Moses' sister. I love the fact that God is so forgiving to the Israelites. Tens of thousands of Hebrews from the 12 tribes of Jacob all saw the miraculous signs of God. They were guided by Him in a Pillar of Fire at night and during the day He comforted His chosen nation by a cloud so that they would not have to endure the sun's heat. He gave them water from a rock, quail, manna from Heaven, parted the RED SEA, destroyed Egypt with plagues, and SPOKE to them when the Shofar Blew. However, these people were so easily distracted by the Midianites idols, fears, worries, and doubt AFTER the fact that they witnessed God's miracles. God even gave them a stick with a snakes head on it so that if any of them were bitten all they had to do was look upon the stick and they would live! Moses cried out for his people, Aaron was forgiven from constructing the golden calf, and Miriam was healed of leprosy but the 12 tribes of Jacob kept doubting God. It just blows my mind how merciful God is. He is the same God today as He was then but the veil was torn and now we have Jesus, the most perfect lamb. We no longer need high priests like Aaron or Eleazor to go to and make sacrifices. We simply ask for forgiveness and we are cleansed. I wish I had the strength of Caleb or the courage of Miriam in today's society but I keep to myself way too often. I am uncompassionate to people that have heard the good news yet still want to 'wait'. The Amorites in the bible were told yet their hearts were hardened, they knew of the miracles God did in Egypt and they still wanted to worship their handmade tent gods. So God led Joshua and the Hebrews into war and killed them. Why do people not realize what has been given to them! How can they see the sun rise and not know of our Creator!! The people of Jericho were obliterated because of their hardened hearts toward God, and the Anak tribe who were considered giants were slaughtered because of their unfaithfullness. God is so merciful to us today!!!! People to need to wake up and be ready.

God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you."

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