Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Past Weekend...

This past weekend just flew by..oh..there it went! Haha seriously tho, I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I don't like Mondays very much. This Friday, Jake and I had a couple and their little girl over for dinner. I was so exhausted from the day that I really wasn't looking forward to it. I had made some Pioneer Woman brownies the night before for some of the guys in the barracks and also for a new couple that moved in just down the road. I have been wanting to meet her but have been entirally way too shy so I thought I would have an excuse if I brought goodies with me! We had a nice little visit but I had to hurry to the grocery store for some fresh groceries and then head back in time to prepare the cuban black beans and cilantro lime rice. When 6:15 came around, this beautiful couple came in with the most precious little girl named Lily. We had such a great visit and I am really hoping we can hang out again really soon.
Saturday we did absolutley nothing. We sat on this couch all day long and watched the Parent Trap, Hot Rod, and I watched Jake play his new video game Operation Flash Point. I just want everyone to know that Jake and I watch Hot Rod at least twice a week. It is SO FUNNY. Last night after our walk with Jake, we went for a night ride around the base and it was so beautiful. I love riding the motorcycle. Jake has been on this Land Rover craze for about a week now and that is all he looks at. I have to admit, he has found some really great deals and we have found some BEAUTIFUL cars around here; HOWEVER, if we live like no one else NOW, we can live like no one else LATER. That is a Dave Ramsey saying but its hard when we see everyone around here with super nice cars. We have decided to make car payments into our savings for the next year pretending that it is a real car payment, that way, we will have a good down-payment to put on a car when we get back home this time next year. We have a perfectly good PAID off exterra and we just paid off our motorcycle this week! We also got a great blessing this past Thursday:
                  Back in November of last year, Jake had purchased his coming home ticket from Okinawa for his Christmas leave which was about $1,800. So, we had to cancel the ticket because he was sent on orders to go back to Hawaii before Christmas for a PTA training. Anywase, Jake calls the airline and sends in his military orders and we were SUPPOSED to get a full refund BUT they tell him he has to pay the $150 penalty and will put his money in credit rather than in a reimbursement. We were definatly bummed about that for the past..oh...8 months but we thought we could use that credit towards our Christmas ticket. Then the airlines sends Jake an email claiming on top of the ticket price, we will have to pay an additional $300 PER ticket that is NOT included in our credit. CROOKED PEOPLE OUT THERE. So anywase we were wanting to buy our tickets early so it would not be super expensive and when looking Monday night at the prices they were about $2400 not including the $600 penalty we would have to pay. So here comes the night this week,, Jake gets an email in our bank account that we got a payment for $1756 from the airlines! 8 months later we were getting reimbursed out of NO WHERE!? Completley a GOD INTERVENTION. What a great God we serve! So we bought our tickets for Christmas last night and are now coming in for Christmas! I hope all of Jakes relatives will be able to be there for Christmas, it has been so long since we have seen his beautiful family and little cousins.
Today we went to church and enjoyed a FANTASTIC guest speaker and was completley refreshed. Came home and ate a delicious Weight Watchers crock pot dinner and then went to Waiminalo for another polo match. This time we brought Jake along and he loved it. It was such a great game.
We are now sitting here watching The 10th Kingdom, eating some baked pears and vanilla creme and enjoying each others company! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We are sure enjoying this game! Beautiful weather!

I'm really going to miss this puppy :(

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