Sunday, July 17, 2011

It all Ended... HP2

This weekend was packed full of fun! Friday, Jake was told yet again he had duty. Your only supposed to have duty once a month and this would have been his 5th time in TWO weeks. I was kinda nervous because we had purchased the Saturday morning showing for Harry Potter and really hoped he would be able to stay awake during it. When we got there we had 5 min before it was supposed to show and I was like, we better get awesome seats. We went in and got good seats and waited impatiently for the movie to begin. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and literaly shaking with anticipation for each scene. But before I knew it, the movie was over. Wow, 10 years of a part of my life over. I know that sounds so 'lame' to many of you but I really don't care. Harry Potter has always been so special to my family's life and it is so sad that it has ended. Also, I don't understand how people think that HP is of the Devil? It is FICTION. You know, that area in the book store labeled fiction, not Non-Fiction or Religion or Demon-Worship but fiction. Off my soap-box.
Oh well, now I can look forward to The Hobbit!
Which is also FICTION.

After the movies, we went back home to eat our picnic. We were going to go hang around Waikiki but we knew if we did, we would end up spending money that was not included in our budget so we went on home. We watched Big Jake and after Jake took a nice nap, we decided it was a beautiful afternoon for a bike ride! We went along the coast in Lanikai and headed out toward Waiminalo. It was really nice outside.

Afterwards, we headed over to this little bar&grill and had a lame salad :( I AM COMMITTED! Jake, of course had a bbq bacon cheeseburger.
We came back home and I put on my crock pot for Sunday's meal. I was making beef stew but because normal AWESOME momma stew is out of the question I made this Jewish form of beef stew made with sweet potatoes, brisket, prunes, carrots, and new potatoes. It was so rich! I don't know if I can handle much of it but Jake LOVED it. I'll try to post the recipe soon.

Today, I cut down a lot of my plants outside because they were beginning to look ridiculous. The plants here are so strange. We went on another bike ride for 3 hours! Went to some part of the island that cost way too much money and walked around these little shops and looked at all the really nice boats. I didn't want to be gone long because we only get to have jake for 3 more days :(. I am seriously not looking forward to this week when he has to leave. I wish we could keep him. I would pay all the money in my savings for this dog. I asked Jake if we could buy a dog but he was being on the 'practical side' today and said that we would have to start including all this dog's supplies into our budget and include dog traveling expenses into our future spending. ALSO, bred dogs cost around $1200 and more here! So...we are going to have to wait. After the ride, Jake went outside and played fetch with jake.

Man, I'm really going to miss this puppy!
We are know sitting here watching Donavon's Reef and enjoying the evening!

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