Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July and Phone Fixings


This past weekend with Jake was so wonderful! I have enjoyed each and every moment with him during this 4 day holiday and am definantley not looking forward to tomorrow. However, I do understand that there must be a million things around here to clean and I can get some cooking done.

4th of July!
How do I begin such a great day? We woke up and watched the 4th Harry Potter movie after we went and did the grocery shopping. I told Jake we would only be there for 20 minutes hoping to coerce him into coming with me and we ended up being gone a little over an hour but I love when someone pushes the cart giving both of my hands the chance to look through everything. Jake took a nap on the couch while I went for a walk with Jake and got ready for Ala Moana. We were going to go by the Land Rover Dealership out in Waikiki and look at a beautiful Land Rover that was on a 4th of July sale for $19,000 but we thought we would wait it out awhile. We then preceded into going to JCrew which happens to be the most wonderful place ever to shop! Jake bought me 2 plain t's and a BEAUTIFUL knitted summer sweater that were all on Final Sale with an additional 30% off! Afterwards, we walked around the mall for a bit and then got a taxi to drive down to Buffalo Wild Wings! I had been looking so forward to this dinner because I had been extra careful with my Weight Watcher Points for this treat meal :)

Afterwards, we walked back to AlaMoana mall to wait for the Finale Fireworks show! We had already waited for about 4 1/2 hours for this show. The fireworks display is ranked one of the top 25 shows in the nation and we were pretty excited to see it...around 2:30. When 7 o'clock came around, we both looked at each other, probley yawned, and packed the car up to head back home. I know, we are pretty pathetic. Jake and I usually go to bed each night around 8:30 and the show itself didn't start until 8:30 PM. So...we went home, got jake, and hiked up the hill behind our house to watch the Kailua Fireworks show over the Ocean.

It sprinkled a little bit but overall it was a great show and we weren't really upset that we missed the Waikiki show.

July 5th

Now today was an adventure! We had been wanting to take jake to the beach with us this holiday weekend so we woke up and left for the beach around 9:15 AM. When we got to the beach I neatly laid out our 3 beach towls, picnic basket, and umbrella while Jake went off to play fetch with jake. I was so excited to wear my new Jcrew floppy beach hat and wear my beautiful swimsuit Jake purchased for me last year and thought it was the most picture perfect day. Well, let me tell you what really happened. After fetch, jake didn't want to lay on HIS towl, he wanted to run and knock over our towls and umbrella and shake nasty wet sand all over me. Then he wanted to chase the people in the ocean. So Jake took him to shower off thinking it would help him calm down and I neatly arranged everything back to where it was. When Jake came back he was pretty exhausted and wanted to lay down all over the sand and NOT his own beach towl.

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So Handsome :)

So around this point, I was like, "Doesn't Jake like to play fetch?" Hinting to Jacob to move jake out of my way so I can relax while they go and play. So Jacob goes back out to the ocean and begins another round of fetch when I see Jake quickly bend over and pick up something black, shiny, and square from the ocean water. OH NO. He calmly walks back, sits down, and looks at his phone for awhile and then slips it into his shirt pocket. I want everyone to know that I have the calmest husband ever. He said while picking up jake's toys his phone falls onto the sand when all of the sudden a wave comes over it. We then pack up everything and leave to go put his phone in some rice as quickly as we can.
When we get home, I take jake to the back porch to give him a much needed bath while Jake goes inside to figure out what we are going to do. When we finally find out that we can go to the Apple store after setting up an appointment, that we can trade in his for a refurbished one for around $200. We head to the store and wait while everyone and their mother pushes and walks around the Apple store to see when we can start our meeting. The lady barely said anything to us the entire time, picks out a few rice we accidently left in his phone, types into her phone and ends us telling us she will give us a FREE Iphone 4 this one time because it was an accident! PRAISE THE LORD! We went from thinking this accident was going to cost us around $400 to $200 to FREE! I was so overwhelmed because I was already upset about this changing up our budget and car savings. The Lord def wanted to teach us both a lesson from today's events. Jake also thought he lost all his numbers but when we got home, he saw that he had backed up his phone on our computer :)
We are now just finishing up another Harry Potter movie and enjoying the evening with one another. I had planned on making this delicious meal but I think we will just have left-over pulled pork sandwhiches and corn!
Whew...what a day!

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