Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Polo Games

Do you know what I love? I love enjoying new things with my husband and today we both experienced something we had never even thought about doing until this morning.
I woke up with the idea of wanting to do something different, affordable, and outside so I thought "Hey, why don't we go to a Polo match this afternoon?" Jake youtubed a PBS Polo special and we thought that it looked pretty interesting. We didn't know what to expect but we really didn't want to get our hopes up. Jake honestly probley didn't want to go but he wanted to get me out of the house since I am here every other day of the week ALL DAY LONG. So we packed a little bag of water and a beach towel thinking we would be sitting on some hard bleachers and left for Waimanolo. I knew about the Polo fields because they are across the street from the beach Jake and I got married on. We would always see the horses and the field but never really thought about going. T be honest, from the road, I thought it looked pretty ran down because all I could see were little horse stalls through a thick wooded area. Knowing it wasn't that far away and only $3 a person we thought we would give it a try. When we pulled onto the road, we were both already impressed. Not only did I not know what a beautiful part of Oahu was behind that wooded area, but the horses were so beautiful with there little riders. When we pulled up to the fields there were people everywhere with their tents, towls, lunches, dogs, and children and they all looked like they were having such a great time. We backed our car towards the field, lifted the trunk up, put the beach towl down and relaxed. I was already loving everything about this game and it hadn't even started. Up in the stands and covered area, cheese, crackers, wine, and crepes were being served and people looked all nice and fashionable. It wasn't anything too fancy but it felt so warm and welcoming.
Then the game began.
There are 4 'innings' 'quarters' that are called Chukkings. Which I thought was funny. Each chukking only last about 4 minutes and in between, the riders trade out horses because they ride them so hard during the chukking. The field is 3 football fields long and the horses are ran HARD. I loved being right on the field watching the men's faces, hearing them talk to one another, and smelling the horses. It was so beautiful outside and so relaxing. I really hope we make this part of our weekend routine.
After the little ball was hit to far wide of the goal, a player fell off of his horse and busted his face up. After a player falls off the horse, he has to sit on the ground for a good long while to make sure he doesn't hurt or makes things worse. He then preceded to lay on the grass and wait for some ice. He didn't play anymore of the game...

Driving into the Waimanalo Polo Fields

Horses training area

Yes, we were that close!

After the polo game, we went through Kailua, stopped at a cute little shop, and then headed on home to Jake :)
I am now sitting here watching Jake play some new video game and am having to wash EVERYTHING because there is dog hair EVERYWHERE. Have I mentioned before how I only like to do laundry once a week because we get charged extra for using the washer and dryer; well having a dog around here is completley ruining that plan. Not to mention the fact that his owners do not allow him on any furniture but we have spoiled him rotten and he climbs on everything now. How on earth were we supposed to be relied on to keep such a beautiful animal from snuggling with us and sleeping with us? Oh well :)

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