Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello All!

Today has been Cleaning Control Center out this house....if that makes any sense? Jake left around 5 something this morning and I could not seem to manage to get out of bed. We have been letting Jake sleep with us each night ( I know I know, his owners are NOT going to be happy ) but I love sleeping between him and my Jake under our quilt while watching As Time Goes is just perfect...until around 3 AM when jake is pushing me and my husband towards the other side of the bed and we are the ones giving up the blanket and all the room; I was not wanting to wake up this morning. When I finally did it was around 6:45 and Jake was ready for his breakfast. I had a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a household mess full of dog hair, dog hair, scratch marks, and dust. After Jake left for work, I decided to just give in and use the dishwasher.
Side Story: I hate opening the mail box and looking at our 'green' electrical base bill. This electrical bill started in January in an effort to make households use less energy. I was like, that won't be hard because its just Jake and I around here, we don't have television, I don't use any light during the day, and I unplug our appliances after each use.. how hard could this be? Well, the first month was AWFUL! We were charged $50! I was so mad. The next month we worked on only doing laundry once a week, and using the dishwasher twice a week, $18 later I was still upset. How on earth were these people planning on me to be under the 'normal' electricity range? So the next month, we did laundry once a week, NEVER used the dishwasher, unplugged EVERYTHING, never used lighting, and basically lived in a hermit house. The bill was only $3 under normal. Ok, something is wrong with this picture? Jake was gone for 2 1/2 weeks during the month of June, I was at home, and the bill still barely put us under normal range? Something is crooked around here.
ANYWASE, I decided to use the dishwasher this morning and use my new dish detergent which smelt so heavenly. I cleaned the counters, swept, vacuumed (four times to pick up the endless amount of dog hair) and prepared my wonderful, magic, amazine Shark Steam mop for action. doesn't work...AGAIN. Steam was coming out of every crevice of this machine instead of the bottom padded part. I am so FURIOUS with this lady that broke my mop and gave it back to me broken. Hopefully, Jake can take another look at it for me tonight when he gets home and fix it again...
In the mean time, I am MELTING because I have decided that maybe I use the air conditioning too much and that is why we are being charged extra. The windows are open and jake is laying here panting saying 'please turn the air back on!'
I just finished my quite time today and was completely blessed from it. I have been studying about Jonathon, Saul, David, and Samuel while reading Francine Rivers 'The Prince' and have just loved learning about this part of our history. Reading in 1 Samuel, we learn that the people of Israel want a king like the nations around them. The Prophet Samuel is wanting the people to understand that the nation already has a king and could be triumphent if the Israelites follow the Lord instead of their own household idols. After several times of going to the Lord, God tells Samuel to give them what they want. From the tribe of Benjamin, Saul is chosen to lead. On the day of his public announcement, we find Saul hiding in the baggage because he is unprepared to take on the responsibility God has called him to do. HE WAS HIDING IN THE BAGGAGE PEOPLE! However, the Israelites were pleased because no one could compare to Saul, he was even a head taller than everyone around him. God annointed a man that was pleasing to 'men's' wants according to appearance from the least of the tribes out of the 12. During the first few years, God was with Saul. Saul could have looked at his weaknesses and let God use him in great ways; however, he let pride, self-centerness, and doubt lead him instead. He reigned for 42 years and after the first few years, God left him and allowed an evil spirit to live in Saul.
Then God annoints David as king over Israel. He was the youngest out of 7 sons of Jesse and was a musician, poet, and shepherd. He was handsome and pleasing in appearance but he was young when annointed. He was a man after God's heart. I love how his music calmed Saul during times when the evil spirit was upon him by just playing his heart and singing songs of Praise. I love how he went up against a 9 foot giant, after 40 days of no one stepping up  for the battle, and with the fearlessness and faithfullness of a Christ follower, defeated Golaith. Did you know that the same tribe Golaith was from came King Og who needed to have a bed made over 13 ft to accomadate him? Just an interesting fact.
Anywase, I was blessed from these passages because God put David in Saul's path to learn the events of a King, soldiers, and ways of Israel. He lived in Bethlehem but God annointed him under Saul's nose and still placed him in the king's palace! Even though he was annointed king, he still served Saul and waited. I pray that God can use me even though I seem to be in such a place where I don't know where to be used? I want to not live like the 'pagans' of this world and let others see the good deeds in my life so God can be glorified. I don't want to live like others around here and give in to worldy desires but I honestly want to do God's will. Maybe I am just hardening my heart and not wanting to hear that will, but maybe I am being shaped into someone God can use later on.


Before I came home a couple of weeks ago, I purchased some Bently cups from my friend Leslie Wolfe's mother from here store in the antique store in greenwood. I grew up with Bently cups using them at our house but never wanted to pay the 20 something dollars for them BUT her mom gave me a GREAT deal on them and I absolutly love using them instead of the glass ones we would use each day. They are just practical.

I also came across these dark chocolate covered plums in the commissary the other day and Jake and I LOVE THEM! A serving is about 1/4 of a cup and about 2 points a serving for Weight Watchers. They are so satisfying and sweet :)

Sorry for another long post everyone! 

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