Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend recap!

This past weekend was soo wonderful! Jake and I had a blast! Friday, Jake took me to Bellows beach which is next to where Jake and I got married and spent the afternoon out there. It was so nice but a little windy and cloudy. I am really trying to work on my tan so I was kinda bummed out. We came home and just relaxed. Saturday I was wanting to go to the outlet malls but it was so nice so Jake offered to take me to the beach again! (this is a big deal for my husband who does not like the beach!)Saturday we spent the entire afternoon at the beach here on base and it was like we had it all to ourselves which was so wonderful! So we had a little subway picnic on the beach and just watched the tide come in ;)
Yes it was very romantic

That night we went running. It was so hard because the sun totally drains me! I did not want to go but I knew I would regret it if we didn't go. We walked up our little hill behind our house and started our jog. Since Jake had been home, I never got around to doing the laundry so Jake had to wear long shorts (he likes to wear shorter shorts to run in... ;) ) so they were not cutting it for him so I had to go bymyself. This is the first time in a month! It was so mental for me to keep going but I knew I had to. Before I knew it I was already at the gym, did 2 miles on the bike again, and ran another mile back home! 3 miles!!

Sunday we went to the outlet malls. Jake actually got something! My husband hates to shop. He will wear the same thing everyday just so that he wouldn't have to pick anything out or choose anything to wear. He likes the basics. So when he said, "Hey, sweetheart I found a really cool belt that has a cool little latch on it and some new swim trunks" for some reason it just made me so happy inside. I guess I just want him to have that special feeling of shopping sometimes also. haha. He bought me a cute maxi dress (mainly because he said it made me look tall....and it was on super sale..and a CUTE little bathing suit cover because it made me look tan). We went to chilis (thanks momma for the gift card) and came on home.

Yesterday we went and saw a movie (we had a free movie ticket!! Yay for being a movie club member) and got some awesome frozen yogurt! Came home and was seriously not wanting to go on my run ...again....what has gotten into me??! Jake has to train for his pt test so I cannot keep up with his pace so I was just going to stay home and do laundry...but I didn't! I went and felt so good! It was only 2.5 miles or so but I just love the feeling afterwards. We did look for me some new running shoes specifically for pavement (mine are more for trail runs...which are completley fine) but $5 off of the original price doesn't cut it for me.

I woke up this morning and was feeling a little discouraged. The stupid scale hasn't moved one blessed pound so I sent a picture to my sisters (where one is brutally honest...i'll let you guess which one) to see if they could see any difference.
I don't have a before picture or anything because I don't like taking pictures of myself. I am soooo shy! I don't know how people can have whole albums just dedicated to themselves....I just could never do it! So it was stepping out of my comfort zone this morning sending it to them but they were soooo encouraging! It's really stepping out of my comfort zone to post this but maybe it will help me stay accountable!
I know I still have a ways but one day at a time!

I am really striving to get to 3.1 miles with no stopping breaks so I can do a fall 5k. Is it bad that I just want a tshirt more than the actual accomplishment??? Maybe...but....

MY PUPPY IS GETTING BORN THIS WEEK YOU GUYS!!! Ugh, I am so ready! I will be calling the breeder again to see how everything is going and I hope to get some pictures soon. We should be getting our orders in this week ( PLEASE LORD) and get our moving dates in the next couple of weeks!

Big things are happening here, I just hope everything works out :)


  1. Holy cow you look good girl! Don't mind the scale, with the runs you are doing it sounds like you're gaining muscle.

  2. I have to agree with Meagan --- you are looking good! :)

  3. Wow, you look uh-mazing. SERIOUSLY! Look at you rockin those tights!! =D SO PROUD of you!!!!! Way to stay motivated!!! Love you! Keep it up! We'll have to go together when you get home!! (i don't think i could possibly fit anymore exclamation points in there if i tried haha)

  4. Thanks girls! You don't even know how much those words help me! I need all the encouragement and motivation I can get to keep going. It's seriously one day at a time for me. :) love yall!

  5. WOW! You look awesome! I really hate running, but it looks like I need to start!

  6. I am so excited for you to get here! I have recently started running, so we can run together! You look really good. You are a beautiful person on the inside and out!

  7. Thanks Shaina!! I would love to! Slowly but steadily getting there :). I can't wait to see everyone. I love and miss everyone but will be home in 4 weeks!! Maybe we can start a jogging group!? :)