Friday, May 11, 2012

Jogging Journal

Ok, so I thought if I kept a journal about my jogs it would help me be a little accountable. My bible study only has 2 more weeks left so I need to have some somewhere! Last night we went through the calender and marked off the days we went and how far. I read that if we have something visibly in front of us it would help with encouragment.
First of all I just want to say that I am so excited that I am in my 4th week! I read somewhere that in order to create a habit, you need to do something for 2 weeks? If thats not true than maybe it's 4. haha

After looking past the 4 weeks I have noticed a small improvement:

April 20-2.5 miles
April 22- 2.45 miles
April 25-2.27 miles
April 28-2.55 miles
May 2- 2.3 miles
May 4-2 miles
May 6- 2.7 miles
May 8-2.6 miles
May 10- 2.92 miles -woo hoo! Almost there

Last night was brutal! I drank water all day because Jake texted me with little reminders to drink my water so that I wouldn't be dizzy. On Tuesday it didn't seem so bad but last night was hard! We trecked up a monster hill and then jogged back down and through the neighborhood and I could have just tripped by husband everytime he said "Just a little more"! We stopped at a rest station and grabbed some water (really cool thing about living here is that they have rest stations around base with water and disposable cups) and we were off again. I literally wanted to sit on the ground and cry! Which its super hard to do when you have a husband who thinks you look cute instead of serious when you try to cry! He just laughed and encouraged me to go a little further again until we got home. 2.92 miles! Again I know it sounds like such a small number but we burned 400 calories and I feel amazing!

Climbing up the hill was just as hard as jogging on level ground. I think of the reward at the top of the hill and it makes things better. The view ya'll is amazing!

This is the view from our house of the hill...

I live in one of those little houses :)

there are saliboats out on the harbor but they look like tiny little white triangles just floating on the ocean and on the jog down....I mean it is def. a reward! The little hike there is also so pretty! We go through a trail between the woods and last night they had jets and huge airplane take offs. They looked so close that they looked as if coming right out of the trees on the left of us!

Why did we wait so long to do this?
I don't know if this is going to be a new hobby for us, but I would really like for it to be. It will def. be hard when we move but as for right now I'm going to enjoy it!

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