Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well Jake and I are just waiting on our orders for now so it feels like we are just staying in the waiting period. I know in a couple of months we will look back and say," Wow, that really did go by fast." As for right now, its pretty stressfull and full of patience filled days. Take yesterday for example, one of the lawn workers decided to hit and run over our dish causing it to crack, chip, and disalign. Direct TV charges $50+ to come out and realign the dish (this has happened before by moving crews who were SO AWFUL). Jake witnessed the man doing it, took pictures, and can describe the time and what the man looked like. However, our Forest City managment told me today, and I quote, "Don't get your hopes up on a reimbursment..." UGHH. It would be cheaper to just go ahead and suspend or cancel our contract.
Jake is NEVER mad....well he was mad last night I can tell you that!

Waiting for paperwork, orders, flight dates, moving dates, packing dates, and everything else is stressful but I have to be grateful. I am scared to death tho that someone is going to steal our stuff because it is 'common' around here from the movers....very reassuring.

Woke up this morning feeling horribly dizzy. I have never felt like this before. Jake told me to drink a lot more water because we lost alot of fluid from last night run (2.8 miles!!) but I have had 3 glasses so far and still fill sick. I wasn't even able to go to my last bible study meeting on James.

I've been reading the runforcookies blog that can be found on pinterest for inspiration on running and keeping up the motivation. I completly realize that it is as much as a mental game as it is physical. I did receive some great advice about weather running so I feel better about Arkansas. I guess I am just spoiled here. :)

On another note, I have not gotten my hair cut since March 2010 (besides a trim last May) because I do not want to pay for that the most pathetic thing you have ever heard?! I called the local salon here at the mall (Trade Secret) and asked how much it would be for a trim.....$45...I said, "Oh, I don't want my hair washed or styled"...oh ok...$40.

I think I'll wait.

Jake is supposed to get his hair cut once a week...thats $10 a week for his hair....which just seems funny to me.

I am SOOOOO excited about our puppy! He is due now at the beginning of June so that should work out perfect for his 6week weening period.
We thought about naming him Mississippi. I have always loved that name after watching El Dorado (John Wayne). I mean I LOVE it. I wanted to name my little boy Mississippi Dean but I would feel so bad for him in grade school. Jake was totally for it but we will see whenever we see him. I have a feeling Copper is going to stay tho.

I sold my second cow today. Actually, my dad sold it for me but it was still my cow. Jake and I just had a little cow born last month and he is precious!
I think I remember sharing that while in my first year of college, my mom advised us to invest in something either in stocks, guns, or cattle. I chose cattle. I started with a momma cow who had a little one and then that one had a little one and now we have 4. Well, we just sold one but we should be expecting another next year.

I am very grateful to have a daddy that will take care of my cows for me....seeing as how I don't know how.

Can't wait to see everyone soon!  Sorry for the random post :)

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