Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jogging Journal:2

Ok ya'll we did it! I met my goal of 3.1 miles!!! I know that is like a 5K so it was as if Jake and I had our own personal 5k ;).
Saturday we were both not in the mood to go running (which I really do have to make myself go upstairs and change and then walk out the door) and it was a complete mental game. It seemed I was too hot, or my toe hurt, or something else BUT we kept going. Jake kept pushing me and we made it to the gym. It was only 1.8 miles to the gym so we went inside to get some water and then we did 2 miles on the stationary bike for a rest. Back outside I felt another burst of energy so we ran back through the neighborhood. When we got back to the house I just knew I could go more so I asked Jake how much more do we have and he said .3 of a mile. I knew I had to do it, I was so close! So we did! I felt liberation...as Jase Robertson would say.

Anywase we went again last night and did 2 miles which I was still really proud of. It is week 5 of this new journey and it's great. Last night was sooo hot tho, it was in the 80's yesterday and it just seemed too humid. That is what scares me about Arkansas weather so if anyone has any tips on how to stay motivated with hot weather please help! There is something strangely satisfying about having sweat pouring off of you tho...I know gross...but awesome! haha

Things I have GOT to remember:
  • DRINK WATER!!!!!!
  • Don't just pay attention to the scale
  • Stretch
  • Motivation
  • Thick socks
  • Drink my green tea every day!
  • Don't push too hard or you'll burn out.


  1. When its hot, workout inside. You don't have to do a treadmill, several gyms around here have indoor tracks.

  2. Yes, I thought about the ROC but that doesn't really help with with mile markers like trees, signs, or houses. I always tell myself," oh the next tree, house, sign, etc." But that is always an option! I guess I could always stay motivated with a tan while being outside! haha