Monday, April 23, 2012

Well its Almost Here!

I know I have been kinda vague on my blog posts about where Jake and I will be after his EAS date of August 12th of this year. We weren't for sure about reinlisting or getting out to pursue other things. We honestly were and still are seeking God's guidance for our life and at this moment feel at peace with our decision to move back home in July! It is going to be hard to say bye to this beautiful island. I am going to miss so many people, places, and memories here because this is where it all began for our little family. It will be hard not being able to go to the beach every other day or drive over to Ford Island and across Pearl Harbor every week. People respect America here and you wouldn't dare hear people disgustingly talk down about America or military. I am going to miss that bit. Well....the natives here don't much respect America but to an exent I can't really blame them with all the corrupted history.

Anywho, please pray for Jake and I as we make this HUGE transition. I am so looking forward to a whole month of payed vacation with Jake that I don't even know what to do! We are wanting to go camping and start moving into our little house. There are so many decorating possiblities I feel as if I am in nesting mode!


to a golden retriever ;)
There will be a new litter available towards the end of summer and if everything works out, we will be bringing home a beautiful ball of fluff named Copper I believe. I already called the breeder and she told me to call her back in a couple of weeks to see when the litter will be available.

Packing this place will be so strange. I came over here with 2 suitcases. Jake owned a car and an X-box. We built our home here and to see it all put into boxes and into a crate is weird. Hopefully it will arrive sooner than the alotted 2-3 months later in all one piece!

There are still many options that we have to decide on but this new season is coming and is coming fast!

I am really going to miss these women here I have become friends with. Many of them have become role-models to me because they have shown me so many wonderful things. I love how true and pure their views are of Christ and how they don't let the world pervert them. They all have stories and testimonies that would humble anyone and have shown me a love that I never expected while living here.
I have learned so many wonderful things about marraige here. I know that it isn't the popular view but it is the biblical view. I've learned about nutrition and exericise. I have learned about perseverance, patience, and humility. I have learned how to sing the Doxology in native Hawaiin also!

One thing we are desperatly looking forward to is returning home to our families and our friends! We do not yet know if it will be a long season back in Greenwood but that's ok.

and the countdown begins:
2.5 months to go. . .

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  1. Just saying...ya'll should check out for your move. If you have the option of a DITY move, most of our military customers end up MAKING money on their move and they get their stuff in about 2 weeks. :) call one of our moving specialists about a military move. The number is 1-800-413-4799 I just started working here last month, and I write for their blog...and I have learned SO much about moving and military moves. Just saying, check it out! You do all the packing adn loading, and then they take it across the ocean and bring it to your doorstep! You do a little more work, but you can make money. The military allots you up to 95% of what they would pay, and then whatever you don't spend, you keep! Its a pretty great deal!