Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Hobbits

I know, I know, I have not been blogging as much as I should be but really my life is not at all interesting so I have nothing to write about! haha

Jake and I are LOVING BBC's Top Gear. Seriously, these 3 guys are absolutley hilarious!

We can't ever tell whether they are being serious or whether what they are saying is scripted, but nonetheless, its fantastic! It is about cars which I really don't have any interest in BUT they make everything so funny I am enjoying learning all I can!

Hmmm....what else...well I have been learning about different foods and other health subsitutes for items from my day out with Veronica. She introduced me to pink salt, sucanat, and brown rice syrup.  I have not heard of any of it till being here because of course we NEVER cooked with those types of items but I'm telling you they are so good and GOOD for you!

Pink Himalayan salt is EXPENSIVE if you buy it in a health foods store so I went to Ross's (which is a lame excuse for a TJ max here...) and they had 16oz for only $4! Compared to 8oz for $13. My sister says they carry it at home at the TJ max there and I highly recommend it.

  • naturally pure
  • extracted by hand in the Himalayan mountains in traditional salt crystal mines (I know this isn't really a benefit but def. cool)
  • Contains 84 minerals
  • free of bleaches, preservatives or chemical additives
  • contains trace elements in amount to provide a multitude of health benefits.
You use it the same way you would use regular salt. They have it online at Amazon for 5 lbs. for like $4 so that is probley the best deal.

I haven't used the brown rice syrup yet but am planning on making some sticky nuts with it and the succanat. You can sub. this syrup for caro syrup in pecan pies for half syrup half caro. It's just a natural sweetener like agave. Use it instead of sugar or tea sweetener ;). But make sure it is organic because some pretty nasty things can be found in the GM kind.

Sucanat is just dried cane juice that has high levels of vitamins and mierals in it compared to the refined white sugar. It is composed of molasses and sugars. It is pretty pricey so I'm not sure how often we are going to be using it but thats ok. I found a little store in Dora OK called Squash Blossum and am gonna check it out when I get back home and plan on going to the Downtown Farmers Market some Saturday mornings if anyone wants to come! Not sure how excited my sweetheart will be about waking up at 7 just to go produce shopping.

Speaking of my sweetheart, he went jogging with me the other night and was sooooo kind! Of course it was easy for him seeing as how my short little legs couldn't keep up with his long strides but he taught me some breathing exerices and other techniques and afterwards I asked him how long we went and he only guessed about a mile. Well the next day I did the same route and it was 2.5 miles! Shows how much fun we had. lol. I've been trying to stay on track with this jogging/power walking hobby and I feel so good! I am scared to go back and miss this beautiful 70 degree weather tho :(

I am currently obsessed with Once Upon a Time! I can't believe there are only 2 more episodes until a next season! What am I serisously going to do.....I guess start all over again. No but I wish I lived in Story Brook! I love all the characters!

Watched 101 Dalmations the other night and boohooed throughout the entire thing. This shows how much I want my own little one and how evil Cruela is! haha

I am needing this weather to be beautiful so I can actually convince people that yes, I lived in Hawaii....just look at this tan I have! But as of right now, theres no tan and only boring whiteness.

Hmmm...what else...this is a random post.
OH, is it just me or is it that everyone and their mother is pregnant! What is going on? What is really sad is a lot of people aren't even married!?! What happened to True Love Waits? It is so sad. So SO sad. Hopefully Jake and I can wait a little longer and enjoy each other till I have baby fever again but seeing as how everyone will have a baby around me, I don't know how long that is going to last. You see, I LOVE babies! Everything about them! Here the fever has died down because its just Jake and I really, but at home...MY GOODNESS! Some of those babies are just gorgeous tho. I hope to not weird anyone out if I randomly just want to snuggle with your child for a good while. :)

Jake is wanting to play on a softball team when we get back. I LOVE softball. How cute would it be to go to his games and sit on my little quilt with my baby and puppy.....oh I mean just puppy. Not so fast. Our baby would either look like a hobbit or a German Natzi I have decided.
I hope it's a hobbit.
Oh I know what we are doing for Halloween now!
ok not so fast...haha.

well I am gonna skype with my momma. See you all soon!



  1. i love the squash blossom! =D it's just a little tiny place but my family has shopped there for the vitamins since I can remember!
    =)I enjoyed this post!
    Also, your baby will NOT look like a hobbit lol OR a german natzi you crazy girl.

    1. I read this story approx 20 or more times but whenever i read it again the full suspense or mystery comes to the story.

      Import Performance Parts

  2. Oh good! Maybe you can take me and show me where it is because I would surely get lost on the way there!