Tuesday, April 17, 2012

weekend recap :)

This weekend was so wonderful. Jake had a three day weekend so we got to relax and enjoy each day with one another. The reality of us being here for only 3 more months is slowly wrapping around me and I have mixed emotions about it.
Jake planned on Friday to have a fishing trip for us on Saturday. We cleaned the truck out Friday night and on Saturday morning Jake went and got a new red fishing pole with fresh bate...not worms but squid... and we drove over to Hale Koa. Hale Koa is by the cabanas where Jake and I spent our first 2 months of marraige. It is a camping site and it is beautiful.

He saw some fish but they were a little too big for his pole. It was so nice. That evening our friends took us out to a cute little italian resturant and bought us some great food! Sunday we woke up ate some breakfast and drove to church.
Yesterday we went grocery shopping and then went for a motorcycle ride around Lanaiki beach and rode around all the little beach cottages and EVERYONE and their mother was out running and exercising, canoeing, or riding a bike.

This week Veronica is taking me to whole foods to teach me how to 'eat' better. I have mentioned before that she is organic. She gave me a pamphlet about GMO's and what to look for on ingredient lists and I am looking forward to Friday. Yesterday I was very aware of what was going into our cart and what the total amounted to.
Veronica is also teaching me some knitting skills on Wednesday and had bought me yet another Fiesta Ware casserole dish! I am really going to miss her and her sweet family. She has really inspired me on how to create a home.

Sunday's morning message was so good! It was on Jesus' first miracle at the wedding by turning the water in the purification crates to wine. Many people use this passage as an excuse to say "Jesus drank, so can I!" Well....if that is how you feel like the Holy Spirit is leading you than I can't argue. I can argue that God calls us not to be drunk. Drunkenness is a sin. When alcohol starts altering your state of mind, then it has become a sin. But my question is where is that threshold of drunk, buzzed, and somber? 1 drink....maybe 2? And what about a christian's witness? As for our household, Jake and I have decided not to drink. We would not ever want to risk our witness or have others question on faithfullness if they see a beer in our hands. I know there are arguments but really, any one can make arguments on anything. This is how we chose to live.

If doing something that may risk your witness, then why risk doing it?

I don't ever want to be a stumbling block for my brothers and sisters in Christ. This means in all areas of life.

This morning I found a beautiful path right behind our street that leads up to an amazing view of all Kaneohe Bay and the base. It was so nice!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

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