Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life Is Good

This week Jake and I are getting to have jake over for a week long visit! Last Friday I went over to the Pantling's and she taught me how to make macaroni casserole and she made some for my friend here who just had a little boy! She is so thoughtful and let me bring jake back with me till Easter! This past weekend was just purely wonderful. We took jake to Kailua beach and ran around the park and had a picnic. Can you say perfection?!
We sat out by the pier and watched the wind surfers and other dogs run around in the waves...sigh...

Don't get me wrong, I love our Boston Terrior's but they just don't compare to the loving you can get with a big secure dog!
Which brings me to another subject! Jake and I will have enough money saved up by August to finally be able to buy one! We didn't want to just spend frivously on buying a dog so we (as always it seems) took Dave Ramsey's advice and have been putting back enough money each month to be able to buy one, plus food for several months, dog crate, house, leash, and shots. :)

We want to name him Copper.

Last night we had a little date night and went out to the food court, looked around at the PX for some things we wanted and are waiting for till they have 20% off day (I love 20% off day, it only comes around April 21st each year and its where you get 20% off anything you can fit in your bag) and picked up some movies to rent. We came home and watched the most WONDERFUL movie! We Bought a Zoo is such a great family movie and I just can't say how much we enjoyed each scene. We did not want it to end. Def. worth buying! It reminded me a lot of Secondhand Lions so if you loved that movie (momma) you will LOVE this one!

Well I'm gonna get back to snuggling with this precious animal right next to me! Hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday!

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  1. SO EXCITED to hear you will finally be getting your furbaby!!!! =) and i love the pic of Jake and Jake on the bench so sweet.
    Hugs friend!